Alexa Will Soon Be Available on Amazon Fire Tablets

Amazon wants to get Alexa embedded into our lives. Whether it be within your sofa, your walls or your sink–it’s all about Alexa. For now, Amazon is settling for adding Alexa to its Fire tablets. On Thursday, the new Fire HD 8 was unveiled. This is where Alexa will be embedded. In addition, Alexa responds to voice commands in order to report the weather, buy an item or even set a timer. All of these models will gain the Alexa update this fall:

Fire HD 8
Fire HD 10
$50 Fire tablets

Currently, Alexa is available through Amazon’s Echo smart speaker and the Fire TV streaming box. It can control smart-home products such as door locks and light bulbs.

Last week, a Lenovo executive said they were in talks with Amazon to bring Alexa to their computers and other devices. This may help Amazon improve its sales numbers in a slowing tablet market. Due to the low-priced Fire tablet, unit sales of Amazon tablets have doubled since last fall.

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