Alexandria Maria, Manifestation Queen behind Soul Yes

Sometimes you need to have a breakdown before you have a breakthrough. Alexandria Maria discovered this when she left her 9-to-5 corporate job to create her own health food brand. When running a successful brand came with the same stresses of a corporate job, she knew she needed to take drastic measures.

In the months that followed a mental breakdown, Alexandria searched within and took time to heal from her perfectionist tendencies and major mental blocks. Out of this transformation, she began a soul-led coaching business called Soul Yes. Her company’s mission is to help women reignite the spark within themselves and harness that passion to create their dream reality.

Soul Yes & the Power of Soul-led Coaching

Soul Yes is more than just coaching. Through a soul-led coaching program, Alexandria helps women rediscover their true desires. With these desires in mind, they can build businesses that give them life. Instead of mere businesses, the women coached by Alexandria create abundant empires that leave a positive mark on the world.

Soul Yes currently offers two separate programs: The Soulful Start-Up and a higher-level business mastermind group. Alexandria’s business also hosts a series of live events in the UK. The Manifestation Masterclass and Soulful Sales Strategy training both offer short-term, in-person training for female leaders.

You don’t have to sign up for a class to be involved with Soul Yes. In addition to group programs, Alexandria offers one-on-one coaching and special in-person VIP days. She’s not only a manifestation queen and savvy business strategies, but a 400-hour qualified Yoga instructor and a certified holistic health coach. Alexandria got her master’s degree in business from The University of Sydney.

The mission behind Soul Yes isn’t just about Alexandria’s success. Her mission is to help thousands of women find the same success she found. Many women have already achieved this through Alexandria’s transformational life coaching and business mentoring. By focusing on mindset work and strategic business planning, Alexandria helps women create the soul-led businesses of their dreams.

Despite the mission-oriented focus of Soul Yes, Alexandria has still created a valuable empire of her own. Within a year and a half of starting her coaching career, she had her first 6-figure monthly income. She and her clients are both thriving in fulfilling, soul-led businesses of their own.

The Journey to Soul Yes

Alexandria’s success hasn’t come easily, though. In 2017, she had a stable job and all the trappings of success in her corporate job. But inside she was baron, broken, and burning out fast. The pressure of her corporate job left her anxious, stressed, and sleep-deprived. Wine and carb binges barely kept her propped up during this period of time.

When her job took her to New York City, she realized she wasn’t enjoying the things she should enjoy. Fancy restaurants, shopping sprees, drinks, and a good salary no longer interested her as she faced serious burnout.

Within eighteen months of her trip, she had a mental breakdown. She decided it was finally time to leave her corporate job.

Alexandria built up her health food brand, CHAM. With food on the shelves of Ocado, Selfridges, and Whole Foods and interviews on BBC World Service, Alexandria once again had all the trappings of success.

Yet even with her entrepreneurial success, Alexandria found herself with the same anxiety, stress, and sleep deprivation that marked her time in the corporate world. She discovered that she’d merely traded one stressful job for another.

Knowing she had to get away from those stressors, Alexandria left her health food brand and flew halfway around the world. In this time of soul-searching and healing, she dealt with her perfectionistic tendencies and confronted her mental blocks. When she began to listen within, the vision for Soul Yes was born. She received training as a coach and stepped into her power by finding soulmates in clients and other soul-led coaches.

New Perspectives on success

Alexandria’s healing wasn’t complete, though. As she started her new business, she discovered layers of healing that still needed to take root in her heart. When unresolved issues came to the surface with the pressures of building a business, she took her personal healing to new depths. While she continues to grow, she’s begun to love exploring new layers of healing and pushing to new levels of success.

This process has forced Alexandria to radically redefine failure and success for her business. Failure is no longer a nebulous and fearsome thought, but an opportunity to learn and grow. When she stopped feeling afraid of failure, she found herself taking bolder steps in her business.

Through this process, Alexandria’s definition of success has become more nuanced. Instead of looking to the external trappings of success (like salary), she has learned to focus more on the impact she has on the world around her.

This new perspective on success has led Alexandria to become an advocate for female entrepreneurship and mental health. Alexandria has received awards for global marketing and strategy and continues to use her platform to speak life into the world.

A Bright Future for Alexandria and Soul Yes

Alexandria, her husband Jake, and her dogs Coco and Bagel enjoy exploring the world together. As she builds and expands her coaching business, she hopes to help thousands of women transform their lives and their worlds.

She is currently working on planning her first book and releasing her brand’s first product. In the near future, Alexandria hopes to explore creating more support systems for female founders and entrepreneurs.

No matter what the future holds for Alexandria and Soul Yes, she will continue advocating for mental health and female leaders. Her work and her voice will leave a lasting impact on the world.

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