Alexis Hood, Founder of Sunbloq Shared With Us “What Does it Take to Make a Viral Product?”

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Alexis Hood is the founder of SunBloq, a company that manufactures UV face shields that help protect your face from harmful sun rays. They have two products under the brand. The first variation is known as the UV Protection Shield which deflects 99% of UV exposure while also featuring a curved design for ease of use and comfort.

The second variation in the face shield does not offer UV protection but rather serves as an alternative, as a clear face shield meant for indoors and for people wanting some added protection without sacrificing usability against airborne contaminants.

When we asked Alexis Hood about her idea and philosophy, she shared with us that as an entrepreneur, she believes that any idea that solves problems faced by the masses can be turned into a successful enterprise and if given the right attention to detail and design, it could appeal to millions of people too. 

Sunbloq is her way of being a part of this world-changing process in today’s time when so many need alternatives and when it comes to masks and UV protection, her product genuinely stands out. Sunbloq shields are incredibly popular and have been a hit among users ever since their launch. Thanks to Alexis’ close attention to detail which has produced this amazing piece.

The level of style, comfort, and protection is unmatched! Designed to fit seamlessly into any wardrobe, whether on the go after your facial, a beach day or while working out at the gym, her designs will turn heads while keeping your face protected from all harmful UVs– making it an essential item for all seasons.

Vision is very important to a person, and it will be even more important in the future as our surroundings get increasingly crowded and fast-paced. Alexis herself was facing similar problems as she lives an extremely active outdoor lifestyle. This is exactly what inspired Alexis to work so closely with designers, materials scientists, and engineers and Alexis was then finally able to create a product that works wonders and looks cool too. Her work is truly visionary!

What makes Sunbloq a truly unique product is its features and how carefully it has been designed and crafted. From the adjustable plush band providing you with an exceptional comforting and weightless feel, to the heat resistant hard lens. These SunBloq Shields are perfect for people of all age groups and lifestyles.

You too can have a SunBloq Shield either for the indoors protecting you from airborne disease and/or outdoors protecting you from harmful UVs that are even prominent on cloudy days! Check them out here!

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