Alfredo Barulli on How He Found His True Calling

For Alfredo Barulli, his success story began at a young age. As a child, Barulli loved to play sports, which led him to enjoy fitness and made him want to pursue it. Coming from a not-so-known small town in Southern Italy, Massafra, Barulli did not know that he was pursuing very big dreams. He started to train diligently and started to pave his path towards the fitness realm.

Taking it to the next level, he enrolled in the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), Rome, and became a certified trainer. By the age of 25, Barulli was looking for sustainable means to working towards a better future, so he travelled to UAE where he began to work in the best 5-star hotel in Abu Dhabi, as a fitness trainer. Despite being paid handsomely for his services, Barulli wanted more out of life and decided to establish his presence in Dubai.

He shifted to the new city to start his own fitness training company which was received a favourable response on its launch. He trained models, politicians, billionaires, and many more but was still not satisfied with where his life was heading. At this point, he began to be approached by many who wanted to know his secret success formula and how he made it to this level and was even offered to run the most elite spa in the country.

From training eminent personalities to managing a spa, he did it all. At this time, his hard work had begun to let him earn 100,000 USD per month. However, this was not something he wanted to do as he was looking at achieving more milestones in his career.

To take his entrepreneurial dream to the next level he started educating himself about ways to earn through the online medium. He picked up Russel Brunson´s best-seller ‘Dotcom secrets’, which changed his life completely. He came up with his weight loss plan and began to create a sales funnel. He quit his 9 to 5 job and began to work on his project full time.

With the success of his project, Barulli was approached by many to build their presence online and that was the start of his flourishing career. From there, Barulli began to focus on digital marketing and set up his firms which has helped many high-end clients make successful sales funnels and generate leads till date.

Alfredo provides client generation funnels for businesses through his company 10X Experts and for local business owners he advices to approach his lead generation agency He also created, the first search engine for tropical destinations. Which scans 6 million hotels and flights per minute and gives you the best deal on any tropical destination in the world.

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