Alive Enterprise is on the verge of dominating the record label industry in the Caribbean.

Business Mogul and entrepreneur Astyle Alive is well-known worldwide. Astyle Alive is the founder of Alive Enterprise, a media management agency that produces music and scouts for upcoming talent.

Alive Enterprise was founded not too long ago and is already making waves across the board. In December of 2020, the firm released a record with dancehall and reggae artist, Dynasty The King – A renowned name in the Dancehall genre of music.

The name of the released record is Yo Sabia. Yo Sabia is an upbeat reggae title of one of Astyle Alive’s Ruff Life Riddim.’ It has been described by listeners to possess a catchy tune and has funky beats to match. This release brought critical acclaim amongst audiences.

In one of his interviews, Astyle Alive shared that Ruff Riddim is his first musical project in more than ten years! And when asked what inspired him to create such a masterpiece after so long, he mentioned his one-year-old son.

“I was playing around with some beats one day, and suddenly my son got very excited. He started dancing, and he wanted to get involved in what I was doing. In a way, this work is for him.”

Astyle Alive’s Ruff Riddim was released worldwide on December 4, 2020, and is now streaming on all major platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

The Bangers

From Yo Sabia, Astyle Alive has worked on another project titled ‘The Bangers’- two songs. The first record, called ‘Alien’ by Skillibeng, is set to release from Alive Enterprises. Skillibeng, the artist on this track, is currently one of Jamaica’s predominant dancehall artists.

The other record titled ‘Popular Demand’ by Jahvinci is also set to hit the streets soon.

Closing notes: Astyle Alive has been featured on various newspaper outlets such as Disrupt, Yahoo, And Forbes. His new firm, Alive Enterprise, is currently seeking upcoming talents who will usher in a new era in music. Follow @AstyleAlive, @Alive_enterprise, and visit for more releases.

Here are a few more links to Astyle Alive and the Alive Enterprise label:

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