Alix Burton Takes the Transportation Industry by Storm with Good Energy Worldwide

Alix Burton Takes the Transportation Industry by Storm with Good Energy Worldwide

The transportation industry is often overlooked when entrepreneurs are searching for a business to create and scale up to success. But the transportation market is an essential one that is tied into many other important services; it covers all goods deliveries—from consumer goods to medical equipment. Alix Burton saw the potential and scalability in the business of transport. His training platform, Good Energy Worldwide, has been providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools needed to start their own trucking company.

In October 2018, Burton, who is the CEO and owner of the company, launched Good Energy Worldwide. Upon its launch, the educational platform became the first digital training portal within the trucking industry. Burton shares that he saw a gap in the lucrative market of transportation for a training program that could open up the industry to ambitious entrepreneurs. Good Energy Worldwide provides a step-by-step guide for aspiring fleet owners on how to develop, launch, and maintain their own trucking company. The creation of Good Energy Worldwide caused a seismic shift in the transportation industry by bringing it into the entrepreneurial world and announcing it as a profitable and scalable industry to invest in. Burton believes that the concept of prioritizing education over the hope for compensation should be the greatest motivator for aspiring entrepreneurs. Burton says, “You have to study and understand the industry that you want to excel in before expecting it to provide you with profit.”

Alix Burton’s journey within the transportation industry began in 2012 when he launched his own trucking company. The company’s success was made notable by the fact that Burton neither held a commercial driver’s license nor drove a truck within his fleet. Eventually, Burton’s fledgling fleet led to him developing an educational platform that could assist others in reaching the same success as he had. Burton credits keeping his mind on the future for his present achievements. He says, “I wanted to invest in a venture that could help me accumulate generational wealth. My view of the future helped me to focus on the present and truly succeed.”

Aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs should stay open to every industry, as it is often those which have been overlooked that can prove to be the most profitable.

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