Allo Allo: The Favorite Refurbished Brand of Stars and Teens

iPhone, Samsung, iPad, AirPods Allo Allo refurbished products have become essentials for influencers around the world and teenagers addicted to new technologies in recent months. Why this sudden success, more than 2 years after the creation of the brand?

Through its #AllConnected campaign, this positive and friendly universe and its various partnerships with the most fashionable influencers on social networks, Allo Allo has established itself as the trendy brand of the moment.

Specialist in refurbished smartphones since 2013, the Allo Allo brand has become the benchmark for electronic products around the world. The stated desire is to offer quality refurbished smartphones to allow as many people as possible access to mobile phones and the Internet. Since the beginning of 2018, the brand has developed through its own platform, thereby increasing its popularity.

Allo Allo: High Quality Products

For more than 7 years, the group has grown into a big brand over the years with its B2B operations spread across the globe, and later expanded their reach and started targeting the global consumer territories through marketplaces. It was during 2018 that they officially launched their e-commerce website, where everyone can finds their happiness: $250-300 average price of a refurbished phone as compared to the price of a new phone which comes around $800.

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