Alok Jha: What makes marketing an interesting career?

Alok Jha shares his view and experience on why marketing is an interesting career option.

Marketing is a set of activities that a brand performs to increase its sales and reach in the market. Since, people are spending maximum amount of time on screens where they are consuming content on the internet or just surfing through browsers, the marketers have shifted to a whole new world where they could get more traction and honestly, this is the first time in history where marketing is actually giving you something in form of content. Welcome to the world of digital marketing.

There are people who sit behind and take a look at all these different things happening and build strategies for a brand. They are the digital marketers. It is not just about the softwares that they use but a whole new way of thinking in terms of creativity and strategy. 

Alok Jha who is the founder and CEO of Forever Media, a NOIDA based digital marketing agency, shared these wonderful insights about this industry.

Alok Jha told us “We don’t want to manipulate you. No that’s not how marketing works, but we want to inspire you and make you look at a product in a way that you never thought of.”

He added “The number of content creators are increasing, thanks to the mobile internet revolution brought to India by Reliance JIO. This has resulted in unprecedented curiosity in people’s mind about all aspects of an industry. Therefore business people understand the importance of digital marketing.” Mr. Jha shared with us.

Forever Media which has been in news for all the good reasons last year has revealed to us that there is many interesting things to come to the market which was unseen and unheard of by the Indian digital media industry. Specially, the development in the technologies such as AR and VR and the marketing using these technologies. 

When asked about the tools that he uses, he said that the efficiency of the tools lies in the hands that use it. Our team believes in giving results. We don’t compete with anyone else but ourselves. We make ourselves better everyday and we use data for making those little progress. Technology helps you push through and specially in Digital marketing, you are nothing if you don’t know how to use the best tech that is in hand. 

Looking at him, we are sure about one thing and that is it is these guys like Alok who is popularly known as Forever Alok in his industry will push this nation forward. Alok is really an inspiration for the youth of India. We wish him all the luck in the world.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.

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