Alonso Ontiveros on the Importance of Failing Forward

For any person wanting to find work in a society and no matter what path they are on, the goal is to succeed. However, the path to success is ever a smooth one; there will always be failures and wins. To be successful, you have to face these challenges and always keep moving forward. Alonso Ontiveros has embraced the concept of failing forward, and he now discusses its importance.

Alonso Ontiveros is a digital marketing expert and the Founder of Market Funnel Boss, a leading company helping businesses and brands find their voices and share them with the world. He was born to Mexican parents and had a challenging time trying to fit in both at the school and the community. He always felt out of place as he was one of the few Mexican children in his school. Being socially awkward didn’t make the situation any easier and making friends became close to impossible.

After high school, Alonso started using drugs and this took a huge toll on his mental health. He was also dealing with other difficult situations which led to him struggling with major depression.

Alonso was affected by the pandemic. At the time, he was preparing to join nursing school. However, his classes were taken online. While eLearning has advantages, it also has disadvantages. It can be challenging to remain focused and understand what’s being taught and putting lessons into actual practice is impossible.

Even though Alonso failed his nursing program, he didn’t give up on searching for ways to have a brighter future. He invested his time and resources into mentorship and professional psychological help. It was then that he found digital marketing. As he continued to work on himself and his emotional well-being, he started learning about marketing and branding.

Alonso explains that most people tend to avoid challenges rather than facing them head-on; avoiding his problems was holding him back, and it was only after he decided to address them that he achieved progress.

It is okay to fail and make mistakes; however, you should work on failing forward. Failing forward is about taking the lessons to heart and finding a way to deal with problem situations.  Take risks, persevere through the hardships, and change your perspective on failure, notes Alonso.

Although the past years have posed major challenges for the young entrepreneur, Alonso fights on undeterred. Because he has struggled with suicidal thoughts at some point in his life, he is a mental health advocate. He is actively involved in helping people who find themselves in life-threatening environments.

It’s okay to feel down and not have it all figured out, says Alonso. It’s also OK to seek help.

Failure is only fatal if you don’t get up and keep moving. By choosing to move forward even after failure, Alonso Ontiveros is now a top digital marketing specialist. Looking back, he says that while the road has been rough, the many challenges have contributed to his success today.

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