Alpha Status Stocks Share Their 5 Key Life Lessons Learned in 2021

In this article they share the 5 key learnings made in 2021 that they will take forward into 2022 to make this year even more spectacular.

Life Lesson # 1 Avoid Negativity

This negativity can be in your own self-talk or in those people around you. Take responsibility to change yourself or your environment.

Life Lesson # 2 Get a Mentor

Andrew mentions that taking the Tia Lopez course, 67 Steps, had an enormous impact on his life and introduced him to a new mindset. Learning from Tia’s business experiences, Andrew was able to apply those techniques to his own life. Cutting to the chase Andrew comments, “it’s not algebra here, just copy what the top 1% do, no need to reinvent the wheel.”  Mike on the other hand states most of his mentors have been found online on YouTube etc. Chris Sane and Kenan Grace are a few mentors whose lead he follows. Both Andrew and Mike suggest finding mentors that align with you and to look at their results before proceeding with any program purchases.

Life Lesson # 3 Chase Excellence

In Andrew’s case this meant Chasing excellence rather than women. He goes on to explain as their business model took off – 1 million gross income last year and another new venture starting this year- he was out partying, spending at least 3 hours a night in bars with female company. Although he readily admits it was very enjoyable, he soon realized that rather than spending his time chasing women his time could be better spent learning even more about stocks, NFT’s and crypto. That was where the real excellence could be gained.  Mike adds to Andrew’s learning that excellence applies to all areas of your life, especially those 4 pillars that Alpha Status Stocks adhere to: Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.

Life Lesson # 4 Assign a Date to Your Dreams

Alpha Status Stocks share this valuable statement: 

A dream written down becomes a Goal, A goal broken down into steps becomes a Plan and a plan backed with Action becomes Reality. The boys suggest writing down your top 10 goals, prioritize the top 3 and put all your focus into turning them into a reality.

Life Lesson # 5   Take Action

Andrew’s words of wisdom are to get started and gain momentum. Mike follows this up with the sage advice of voicing your goals out to the world. Doing this makes it real and holds you accountable for bringing your goals into reality.

The last word from the Alpha Stock Boys is that you never lose when you learn a life lesson.

For further information on these 5 Life Lessons, watch their YouTube video.

To connect with Andrew and Mike on their stock picks for 2022 you can reach them here: Alpha Status Stocks                                       

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