Alva Jay Overcomes Societal Standards by Setting a bar With her Phenomenal Work as a Model and a Beauty Blogger

One of the highlighting reasons behind an individual’s suffering is the fact that what people would think. Public opinion and judgements have discouraged many people from following their dreams. However, Alva Jay has proved her naysayers wrong. Born and brought up in an orthodox family in Southern California, her childhood was unconventional with a lot of ups and downs. To fulfil her desires, she started working early and has been active on social media since she was 15. She started with her journey on Tumblr and eventually sold contact lenses using the social networking platform.

It has been social media that has helped her in shaping up a career as a prominent name. However, she took a sabbatical from the social networking platforms during her marriage. But Alva Jay’s creativity did not let her stay away from social media for a longer time. Gradually, she turned into a beauty blogger and gained immense momentum over the digital medium. Sharing beauty hacks, DIY looks and content related to beauty and makeup helped Alva Jay in becoming a notable name on the internet. Besides a great fanfare, the only thing that demotivated her was her bodyweight issues.

Speaking about the same, Alva Jay said, “I was overweight when I stayed in Los Angeles. In 2017, when I moved to Las Vegas, I decided to improve my health and lifestyle. After severe hard work and dedication, I managed to lose 30 lbs.” Well, Alva feels that she lost weight not to gain attention from her male fans but for herself. Adding to it, she said that her confidence had taken a dip when she was judged for being overweight. “I started to feel more confident after losing weight, and I never hesitated to click snaps after the great transformation”, revealed the beauty blogger.

Clicking pictures at the poolside, doing regular photoshoots became very common for the blogger. Moreover, while using Snapchat, many of her posts went viral with having views of more than a million. Her sensational content not only helped her achieve massive popularity but also changed her fortunes.

Her foray into the adult-subscription platform FanCentro saw Alva Jay minting money in millions. The model and blogger’s content went viral over the platform, and she ended up minting more than $100K in a single day. Since then, there has been no looking back for the model. The majority of her posts on social media showcase her sultry avatar, and her work is inspiring many women to be independent and not live by what society has to say.

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