Always Trust on the Almighty, he will Give you the Fruit of Your Hard work: Founder Dreams Chaser Media, Alpesh Shah

The foundation of the firm was led by Alpesh Shah. Alpesh was born on April 5,1985 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. But he completed his schooling from Pune, Maharashtra.

Alpesh’s agency is a talent and advertising agency as the name suggests they manage the work of many Indian as well international Artist, models, dancers,chef and sports faces. DCM talent and advertising agency manage to get suitable work opportunities with good work projects. They even manage work for many Indian and international. They also hunt for new talent who wants to grow in the industry. They manage their work and hunt for the opportunities which are suitable for them.

Everyone has a different talent and way of work, it’s a little bit difficult to find out the work which will be apt. But that’s what challenges is all about. His agency aces each and every difficulty with grace and does an amazing job.

They have managed projects of some FMCG brands branding and launching their products. Alpesh even managed and choreographed video shoots for some textile company and even for some jewelry outlets as well. He was also an official groomer in some of the beauty pageants.

His beliefs

On asking what always keeps you going , he answered that his parents are his mentors, their trust in him keeps him encouraged and he wants to make it up. Second was his believe in the almighty . He says he will surely serve you back the fruit of your hard work that you deserve. Just keep on trusting him.

Alpesh Shah’s strengths are his creative mind, his dedication towards his work, his patience to do anything for his client’s satisfaction and his determination to do the best at each and every attempt and to come out even better than before. Because it’s all about growing at every step.

For every new project he sees this as a challenge , a challenge to outpace himself. To do better than what he did previously. To work even harder and to come out with something amazing all over again.

People know Alpesh for his hardwork and dedication in the industry. They want you to work with him as his main priority is his client’s satisfaction.

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