Aman Bassi an Indian Female Making Her Mark in Hollywood Behind the Camera and in the Hip-hop Music Scene.

 Aman  Bassi​ is an Executive Producer, Director, and Musician from Surrey, BC Canada. Aman has been a part of popular Netflix productions like ‘Sabrina,’ ‘Firefly Lane, and ‘Riverdale (ongoing). She’s also worked on multiple Disney shows and alongside Warner Brothers studios. Aman has worked as a line producer on so many music videos in Bollywood as well. Aman is currently working on her debut album. She has released 2 singles off of it and both of the songs are well on charts across the world.

Aman’s recent track What is love went on to do well everywhere as the song lyrics are very powerful and relative. Aman is currently working on her debut album named “Survivor” Aman has always been passionate about music within under 1 year Aman has been succeeding. Having a successful film career and working on big blockbuster films, Aman is now focusing on her album.

Owing to her young age, Aman faced obstacles in proving her might and ability to others. Being young and female did not make it any easier. But her grandmother’s words always motivated her to do her best. “You should do anything and everything you want to in life,” she would say.

She also has many popular music videos under her belt, including, ‘High Rated Gabru’, ‘Issa

Jatt’, ‘Too Hot’, ‘Pagal’, ‘Baby Baby’, ‘Jatta Ve’, ‘Circles’, ‘Closer’ amongst others.

Her own music and music videos which have now been released include ‘Chaali Jaan de’ ‘Vibe’

 ‘Hollywood  Hills’​  ‘What Is Love​’ has turned out to be trending songs on Spotify.

The 25-year-old artist says, “Past couple of years in this field has given me a whole lot of perspective into how I want to channelize my life. When I started I didn’t think of it as a career option but now when I am at it, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Never think you cannot do something or give up without trying. Hard days will come but they will go by. We all need to just keep a clear head and continue believing in ourselves.”

When asked about her future plans, Aman says, “I have too many dreams for myself but I really want to direct my own feature film and I’m already working on that.”

With numerous awards and accolades to her name, including ‘Best of Show’ and ‘Best of DOP’ at Whistler Film Festival along with a nomination as ‘Best New Director’ Aman’s creative instincts have always set her apart in a crowd. Aman’s recent work as a line producer is on Prem Dhillion’s hit song “Livin” Aman has worked with many big-name artists such as Guru Randhawa, Gurnam Bhullar, Sidhu Moosewala, Nimrat Khaira, Mankirt Aulakh..the list goes on.

“In addition to that, I am working on a new album. This film and album is my way of sharing my story with the world and I’m extremely thrilled to do that. It’s a dream for me to win some of the prominent accolades this industry offers,” she says.

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