Amaru Son: A Change In The Music Industry For 2021

Coming up with a gimmick is one of the best ways to make an impression in the music industry.  Lil Nas X started by creating a cowboy gimmick before trying any other stunt. Amaru’s son, a rising artist, knows that he would have to make a brand of himself as something that is widely known but executed a few times to make something out of him.


The real name of Amaru Son is JaKealon Amaru Chase. He belongs to the cultivation Midwest city, Kansas City, Missouri. From his childhood, Amaru was surrounded by an environment that was richly invested in the art of music. His friends and family all loved music. Other than music, he also loved sports. He really loved the dynamic of tracks and field. He was so good at sports and he made it to the college team in his state Missouri Southern State University.

After some time in early 2016, he realized that his keen interest in track and field were starting to falter and began leaning into the field of becoming a musical artist. This was something that tore Amaru apart having to make such a difficult decision but a promising one at that. Going towards a road that has never been fully explored or to stick with what he knows best at the time being.


Making his way to the music scene: 

People around us talk about our decisions in our lives. The same thing happened to Amaru, his friends and family members started to criticize his decision of leaving such a promising career. Only Amaru was dead sure that his only interest and intentions were towards music. He took his inspiration from other people around him who love music. His social circle revolved around music lovers, so he was inspired to do the same thus making his way to music.

Making a name out of nowhere was not easy, and Amaru knew that. He always loved anime culture and its characters. He loved the anime show named “Dragon ball Z” and this show gave him inspiration and ideas to make a stage name for himself. Amaru’s son pays tribute to the protagonist Son Goku. This inspiration doesn’t end here, he also has a graphic design artist named Blue Nova, and pay tribute to the Japanese anime style in the cover art for his singles or projects. He also made some of his anime characters in order to get any chance of making it to the anime movie or tv show part of business and one day be lending the voice for his anime character. 

His hard work and ambitions started to pay him off in 2019. His songs started to get popularity and they were recognized by famous YouTubers like Tommy Caze and I’m Dontai. This popularity gave him a start he always needed. His song named “Lost and Found” went viral and gained over 6 million views and streams on multiple platforms on social media. This sparked an Idea for Amaru and quickly, without any hesitation, started to work on how he could have everyone share and embrace his creation or idea with anime and began his own small clothing brand from his creation called “Amaru Son Merch.” 

Tons and tons of his new engaging fans loved this idea from him. Wearing what their favorite upcoming artist has to offer definitely made them want to stick around on his journey for more music, designs and artist clothing. Whenever he has free time, he listens to the music of his followers and fans to give nothing but positive feedback and criticism for they all do look up to him for what he has done for the music industry and who he is as a person. 

He uses live streaming on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. He is hopeful of becoming the soul of the music industry in 2021 and in many other fields, to have the opportunity of spreading his message in the works of music onto others.

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