Amazon Advertising Expert Shares Insights on the Value of Using Amazon Attribution to Execute Cross-Channel Advertising Strategies

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“Which ad worked?” is no longer a valid question for advertisers. In our multi-platform world, where shoppers, who sometimes don’t even realize they are shoppers, move seamlessly from one platform to the next — first scrolling, then messaging, then watching a video, then scrolling again — advertisers understand that it takes more than one ad appearing in one channel to convert.

Cross-channel advertising is the new normal and advertising strategies must have a cross-channel perspective. However, more ads in more places do not necessarily mean more sales. Implementing a cross-channel strategy is not enough. Advertisers need to be able to monitor and assess campaigns to understand and optimize the cross-channel sales funnel.

Amazon Attribution connects cross-channel campaigns

Any conversation on improving e-commerce needs to include Amazon. Reports show that Amazon had an average of 3.7 billion monthly visits in 2020. In 2019, Amazon reported that small and medium-sized businesses sell more than 4,000 items per minute through its platform. That type of traffic and sales potential cannot be ignored by any company involved in e-commerce, as shown by the fact that each year more than 1 million new sellers join Amazon.

To assist its ever-growing number of sellers in understanding how their advertising is driving sales, Amazon provides Amazon Attribution, a tool that allows Amazon sellers to view and analyze the performance of Amazon and non-Amazon channels.

“Companies seeking to boost Amazon sales by implementing cross-channel strategies need to know which channels are seeing positive solutions and which ones are not performing effectively,” explains Clint George, founder and CEO of Brand Focus Digital. “This is where Amazon Attribution comes in. It helps test, assess, and optimize advertising campaigns to build bigger profits.”

Brand Focus Digital is a full-service e-commerce and brand management company based in Seattle that provides clients with unparalleled insight into how to succeed at selling on Amazon. George, who served as Vendor Manager at Amazon for five years, is just one of the Brand Focus Digital team members who previously worked for Amazon.

“One statistic has 64% of shoppers using multiple channels when making a single purchase,” says George. “To truly manage your advertising and ensure the highest return on investment, you need to understand how ads across all channels, both Amazon and non-Amazon, are contributing. Amazon Attribution is a powerful tool to accomplish that.”

Harnessing the power of Amazon Attribution

Utilizing Amazon Attribution to enhance cross-channel advertising begins with measuring the impact of your strategies across all of the spaces where your ads are appearing. Amazon Attribution is invaluable in its ability to bring all of the sources together in one place. It allows you to measure search ads, social ads, display ads, video ads, and email marketing, providing data on clicks, page views, Add to Cart, and sales.

With the insight gained from Amazon Attribution measurement tools, advertisers can make in-flight optimizations. Knowing how your campaign is converting allows you to understand what is helping your customers to find your products, know your products, and choose your products. Return on investment goes up when companies can discontinue as soon as possible campaigns that are not converting.

Finally, planning for future cross-channel campaigns is optimized when advertisers can assess and analyze cross-channel data. A customer’s journey involves multiple touch points. Are some ads better for creating brand recognition? Are some ads most relevant to return customers? Amazon Attribution makes it easier to discern what works where and how each campaign contributes to a company’s sales success. The intelligence it provides for building future campaigns is clear and comprehensive.

Amazon Attribution is an essential tool for any company looking to unlock insight into their Amazon sales funnel. And for companies that are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, it is a free tool.

“Given Amazon’s ever-changing and fast-paced operations, staying on top of data isn’t an easy feat for a company to accomplish,” says George. “When non-Amazon data is added to the mix, it becomes even more challenging. Amazon Attribution is a tool that helps tame the data and inform effective campaigns.”

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