Amazon Begins Hiring Web3 Staff

It’s been a rough year for the tech industry. According to, there were 159,766 worldwide tech layoffs in 2022. And there have already been 86,882 tech layoffs in 2023. These are huge numbers and some people are calling it Tech Winter for obvious reasons.

Amazon didn’t escape Tech Winter unscathed and was forced to lay off 10,000 employees in 2022 and another 8,000 in 2023. But then this week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) posted a job announcement on LinkedIn for a Web3 Senior GTM (Go to Market) Specialist. The specialist is responsible for growing the adoption of Web3, optimizing AWS for web3 workloads, establishing new business in targeted web3 markets, and engaging with prospects, partners, and key customers. At a time when hundreds of thousands of tech employees are being laid off, Amazon is hiring for web3 specifically. 

Many companies that you might not think use blockchain tech are currently using AWS for just that, including AT&T, Nestle, and Sony Music. And recently, a brand-new partnership with Avalanche blockchain was announced a few weeks ago. These are big companies and they are all betting on the future of web3 and blockchain technology. And the use cases expand past DeFi and NFTs. For example, Armin Nehzat, Digital Technology Manager of Nestlé Oceania said: 

“Transparency in supply chains is increasingly important to consumers, who want to know what is in their food and where it comes from. While Nestlé has begun to release information on its supply chains for its 15 key commodities, using blockchain technology enables more precise tracking.” 

Imagine the sheer scale of something like “the supply system” and how many transactions would take place on a supply-based blockchain. Many would want to own stock or tokens of that chain.

The city of Riverside is using AWS-managed blockchain services to digitally transform how it handles recordkeeping. If government learns to leverage blockchain technology for useful purposes, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, Veterans Affairs, or voting, it could really help to improve people’s lives and possibly even restore some trust in government. Gone would be the days of lost records, unclear decisions, and rigged elections.

There are so many potential use cases for blockchain technology. A few additional examples include:

  • Healthcare: Blockchain technology can help secure medical data better and also improve accuracy and efficiency in storing, managing, and using health records. It can also help track pharmaceutical products from manufacturing to delivery. 
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Autonomous vehicles could communicate securely with each other and also securely store their data and transactions. This could unlock new levels of safety for self-driving cars by providing a secure platform for data transmission and storage.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that Amazon is bullish on web3 and blockchain technology. They are not only investing in partnerships, but they are also actively hiring for web3-related positions. This shows a real commitment to the space and indicates that they think it will be profitable long term. It’s no surprise that many other large companies are following suit and making use of blockchain for various initiatives. Together, it looks like these companies are paving the way for many more businesses to join the web3 space to make use of its advantages. The possibilities are endless, and we will likely see a lot of interesting projects in the near future.

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