Amazon Launches 30-Hour Work Week

Amazon has put in place technical teams whose workers will only time in for 30 hours per week. Although Amazon has many part-time employees. This will be a first where an entire team works on a reduced schedule–including managers. Yet, they will receive the same benefits as full-time employees. In terms of pay, they will receive 75 percent of what 40-hour workers make. The objective of the program is “to create a work environment that is tailored to a reduced schedule and still fosters success and career growth.”

The program was launched last week at an event called, “Reinventing the Work-Life Ratio for Tech Talent.” This new adoption might be the result of a New York Times investigation into Amazon’s work culture–citing it can be a very difficult place to work. Yet, this can also be about the fact that automation is decreasing the overall labor demand. A 30-hour work week may help to keep people employed, while mitigating the effects of income inequality caused by automation.

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