Ambition Is the Road to Success: The Philosophy of Steven McCoy

“Dream it, Wish it, Do it.” – Anonymous

If you want to achieve success in life, dream it. Once you have a dream, you will develop ambition for it and that will be the first step toward your success. Steven McCoy, host of the show called, “Sessions with Steven” (available on iTunes) is an inspiring public figure who has a large following for his philosophy on life. Steven regularly holds talks with musicians, singers, artists, big media personalities and red carpet guests on his show. What sets Steven apart from other interviewers is that his episodes are never generic. Steven discusses everything with his guests, from their life stories to personal struggles and what they can teach other fellow artists too.

Steven McCoy started his career with Walt Disney as an intern in Orlando, Florida. After a while Steven became host for Radio Disney in New York. He also started working for Disney Theatrical Production and later was designated as “Angel” for Disney’s charity program called VoluntEARS. For his services in Walt Disney, Steven McCoy was instated into Disney’s Alumni Association. Steven credits Disney for recognizing his talent and giving start to his career as things weren’t so easy for him while growing up. Steven has suffered from retinitis Pigmentosa (Steven is legally blind) and later diagnosed with usher syndrome. These physiological conditions took quite a toll on Steven’s childhood and he faced discrimination as well as racism too. Although life was brutal to Steven, he never gave up and kept going. After having stabilized career at Disney, Steven decided to open his own establishment and called it Spoken Entertainment LLC. Spoken Entertainment LLC is known for its creative online entertainment contents.

Steven is always actively involved in holding charities, starting giveaway and book donation drives. His latest charity work is Christmas giveaways for unprivileged people. Anyone who has ever met Steven calls him a gem of a person. And his philosophy of life can teach you a valuable lesson. Steven’s Podcast “Sessions with Steven” is available on iTunes and  you can follow him through his Instagram: @stevenmccoy.

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