Amer Kamra: the voice, face and brain behind The Mind Builder brand

amer kamra

Amer Kamra: The voice, face, and brain behind The Mind Builder began his fitness career, much like many trainers – he helped people look better and perform better.  What was exceptional about Kamra was that he had the ability to help people become better overall.

World-renowned fitness coach Amer Kamra started The Mind Builder brand in 2016 after having massive success as an online fitness coach and business owner, Hammer Fitness.

The first Mind Builder conference had 300 attendees from around the globe.  By 2018, there were several thousands of guests.

Each year, the previous year’s success brought forth the demand for more of these self-development conferences.  Amer’s theories are unique and seamlessly integrate his vast understanding of human physiology, biology, and psychology.

With the pandemic shutting down live and large gatherings in early 2020, there has been no way to do live audiences, so Amer Kamra took to iTunes and Spotify to create The Mind Builder podcast is now ranked within the top-100 on iTunes.

The Mind Builder is a self-development brand, helping people change the way they think through self-realization.  Its purpose is to challenge old thought patterns that lead to old and possibly destructive habits.  It is his mindset that distinguishes him from other coaches.

Self-realization to self-actualization is nothing new to him. He embodies how you do one thing is how you do all things. He has been a top fitness coach to professional athletes and has been a professional athlete himself. He articulates concepts that winners resonate with and those who want to be better needed.
amer kamra
As gyms were shutting their doors and wondering how to pay their overhead, Kamra started pivoting and planning.  There will be hundreds of thousands of people worldwide needing health and fitness guidance to manage their stress, poor eating, and health.  Not to mention, start losing those dreaded extra pounds that people can’t seem to shed on their own.

Not everyone will have the budget for expensive home delivery cardio equipment or daily personal training, but they will for coaching that delivers RESULTS.  Programs that work to transform more than just the physical.

amer kamraThis is how he created three distinct fitness brands, all stemming from his award-winning competition prep online fitness company, Hammer Fitness.  The successful and fiercely popular tertiary brands LadytheFUp and MantheFUp under Kamra’s unique guidance have flourished.  Each separate corporation is specialized to a different demographic to avoid any overlap.  While other traditional gyms were having to permanently close their doors, Kamra and his team saw enormous growth throughout the 2020 pandemic.

“We managed to delve into all three brands and grow in several untapped markets under Hammer Fitness.  People are savvier and more comfortable with tech.  They see more value in coaching to become better versions of themselves.  I see the future more in line with everyday people wanting extraordinary results, both mentally and physically. And that’s what we deliver.”

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