American Rapper Maylon Millions is More Than a Viral Sensation

Born Malon Howell, he grew up with influences shaped by their American experience, with styles including rap, Jamaican reggae and dancehall, and Spanish-language music of the Caribbean. His memories relating to music and his grandfather blasting Old school music and hearing everything from 70s Motown music to the temptations.

Growing up between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Miami, Florida, his most lucid and favorite memory dates back to when he discovered he could rap. “I got into rapping at 11-years old, that’s when I started picking my own music,” said the rapper.

“At 11, I fell in love with the sound.” He credits A$AP Rocky’s “F**kin Problems” with Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar as the track that motivated him to pursue a career. Falling in love with the beat, he curiously began learning about finding beats through YouTube.

His flow illustrates the many experiences he lives as a teen who just caught on to the exposure, everything that goes on a day-to-day basis, to fun wordplay as heard on his song “Meet Me” As an effortless, straight-talking lyricist whose flow delivers rhymes on his lifestyle, the mellow and calm rapper recognizes that this is just the beginning: “I’m still growing up, so most of it is stuff that is still happening now.”

His song caught the eyes of thousands of people on TikTok including Kobe Bryant’s daughter GiGi Bryant before her passing.

The rapper worked on perfecting his style throughout his pre-teen years, but his move to Miami to live played an immense role in pursuing music seriously. Maylon earned an immense following in Miami.

Releasing “Meet Me” in 2020, a song he considers a “warm-up track,” was his first song that earned millions of views on SoundCloud, now at nearly 2 million views. It served him well as a practice track; shortly after, with lessons learned and attentive to the promotion, Maylon released “Love Me For Me.”

Listening to a variety of rappers, he fell in love with the art of flowing. “At first, I was attracted to how people flowed in the songs.

That made me want to do it and make my own,” said Maylon, adding Future, and Young Thug to the list of inspirations. “Everything I rap about is influenced by what people feel,” said the rapper. I remember throughout my entire childhood hearing it.

There wasn’t a party without the song,” Maylon told us. Like other forms of American music, the industry has traditionally served as both restorative and reflective nostalgia; it seamlessly brings people together in moments of heartbreak, dance, celebration, and ordinary day-to-day moments. It pretty much just solidified the rest of the vision for the song “Meet Me”

So far, It has proven to be an exceptional year for the artist and his growing visibility to the music industry. Maylon Millions is quickly making his way from underdog to throning himself as one of the genre’s most exciting up-and-coming acts to date.

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