American Stylist With Caribbean Roots: Meet Tigerlily Hill

Tigerlily Hill

The fashion scene is being dominated by a talented stylist, entrepreneur and TV personality who has been turning heads globally. Her name, in case you haven’t met it yet, is Tigerlily Hill. This fashion guru, who was originally named Tigerlily Tamara Kabishi Hill, has been making big waves in the world of fashion.  She has swiftly grown into one of the most influential names in the industry today and is celebrated and emulated by millions of fashion enthusiasts and professionals around the world.

Where It All Started

Her rich background has undoubtedly inspired her creative genius. She has deep Caribbean roots with a Jamaican mother and being raised primarily  in the Cayman Islands. She has experienced life in many international settings including Europe and America. As a consequence Tigerlily has developed a powerful global identity.

In addition to drawing on the experiences of her own life as a global citizen, Tigerlily relies on her strong fashion instincts when working on her creations. This winning formula has resulted in show stopper after showstopper being affiliated with the designer’s name. And of course her fame has skyrocketed thanks to this incredible expression of talent.

Hill’s Academic Achievements

Her early education (up to the high school level) took place in the Cayman Islands. But as the family migrated to Iowa USA, she enrolled in and completed business studies at the University of Iowa. She also studied in London, focusing on apparel manufacturing. This background has undoubtedly been a significant contributor to her success as Hill stands today as one of the world’s most successful fashion entrepreneurs.

Committed to Fashion From the Beginning

Her passion for fashion started early and was clear during her high school years. Her parents however insisted that she complete studies in business in order to have a safety net. This safety net turned out to be a golden tool as it has helped Miss Hill in her pursuits as a fashion entrepreneur.

A Growing Reputation for Fashion Excellence

Without a doubt, Hill is a superb designer and stylist. This is why her work has found its way into some of the world’s most illustrious fashion circles. She has influenced and spearheaded looks donned by some of the world’s biggest celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Kat Sadler and Keira Knightly.

Hill’s talent has received global attention and won her several notable awards. She holds the special distinction of being the first winner of Caribbean Fashion Week’s emerging designer award. She is also

The designer and entrepreneur appeared on VH1’s Glam God which ran from August to October of 2008 and emerged as one of the two top contestants. Hill wowed judges and audiences as she showed her remarkable talents by decking her clients out in fabulous ensembles.

Her fashion line Crown Atelier, which she started in 2005 has been a major hit globally with varying markets, but most notably, celebrities. Crown Atelier creations can be viewed and purchased by the public from her online store at or in stores around the world such as Fred Segal in Los Angeles and Celeb in the Cayman Islands.

The World’s Response to Hill’s Fashion Brilliance

Naturally therefore, Hill is literally blowing up on social media. With Twitter follower stats fast approaching the thousands, Facebook likes exceeding 3000 and over 3000 Facebook followers Tigerlily is captivating the social media scene as thousands of people around the globe keep their eyes glued to her pages hoping to catch a glimpse of her latest fashion triumph

As Essence Magazine so aptly put it in their February 22, 2011 issue, Hill is among the world’s next top designers.


Tigerlily Hill
American Stylist With Caribbean Roots: Meet Tigerlily Hill

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