American Supermodel, Entrepreneur, and Brand Ambassador Tyler Parker Brings Brands and Aspiring Models at the Height of Their Success

“Be what you’ve always dreamed of,” these resounding words are just a few of the several iconic lines that American supermodel, brand ambassador, actor, content creator, and philanthropist Tyler Parker has uttered. With a face and a figure that seems chiseled by the Greek gods themselves, Tyler is making a name for himself, collaborating with brands and inspiring people through entrepreneurship and modeling workshops.

Raised in Hammond, Louisiana, the esteemed Tyler Parker was discovered on social media at the age of twenty and has never looked back since then. Once he was discovered, he immediately began his modeling career, captivating brands and audiences alike. As a model, he has done several campaigns for the world’s most acclaimed brands such as BooHooMAN, ASOS, Siksilk, Target, and Cricket Wireless.

Helping other people craft their own perfect images of themselves, Tyler Parker is also a professional barber outside of his modeling career. Currently, he is actively putting together an eBook in hopes of guiding other aspiring models on how to get signed and what agents and agencies to look out for. Tyler also offers modeling tips to budding models, as well as several tips on how to scale their social media platforms and reach a wider audience.

Tyler Parker recently launched his own YouTube channel called TylerP TV. His channel is an outlet where he shares his life through vlogging as well as stories regarding his tattoos. Motivated by his personal passion for helping others, he also launched workshops to support young entrepreneurs and models who want to learn how to boost their brands and goals.

Tyler’s program seeks to empower creatives and business goers in marketing and social media. He approaches the industry through hands-on learning opportunities supporting his clients early on during their branding experience or even at the later stages when their brands are at the peak of attrition. “Stop wishing and just make shit happen,” exclaimed Tyler Parker. A sharp-tongued remark, but an equally important one as well, reminiscent of Tyler’s personal brand.

The renowned model and entrepreneur expertly utilize the power of the subconscious mind, the power of the tongue, manifestation, and affirmation to create success for himself as well as for others. It’s clear to see that Tyler Parker is in a league of his own. In his fast lane towards success, he sees nothing but the finish line that lays before him. “I’m doing my own thing to be the best me and take care of my family,” he explained. “I’m focused and disciplined on my goals and being better than who I was yesterday.”

Motivated by the people that have always told him he couldn’t make it big in the industry, Tyler Parker continues to garner massive success, proving his doubters wrong at every turn. He has grown to the point that he doesn’t really need the brands; the brands need him. In the near future, Tyler Parker envisions himself on top of the world, building upon the success that he has cultivated and become an unstoppable force in the industry. With the way things are going now, it’s all but guaranteed. It’s only a matter of time before Tyler gets there.

To know more about the remarkable Tyler Parker, make sure to check out his official website.

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