Amjad Khalid Curated Dough Central to Have a Dish for Everyone to Enjoy

Amjad Khalid

When friends or families gather for an outing to a restaurant, they are usually limited to a certain cuisine or menu options that correspond to that cuisine. London is known for their great restaurants, where people can find the best of a range of cuisines, from Spanish, Italian, Indian, etc. What about a place that serves the best dishes from a variety of renowned cuisines from around the world? Dough Central is that restaurant, they serve great tasting pizza that has ingredients and flavors from signature dishes from around the world.

Dough Central was conceptualized by owner and founder, Amjad Khalid. He knows exactly what it takes to run a successful restaurant, evidenced by his family-owned Indian restaurant/banquet hall that has been thriving since it first opened, in 2015.

Khalid recognizes the importance of keeping a menu up to date with the latest eating trends, as well as adding variety to fan favorites, making them even more popular. Khalid does this by reviewing his menu every three months, as well as changing the base of his famous pizza when he feels it is appropriate. He knows the importance of customer satisfaction, he makes this the building blocks of Dough Central.

When the pandemic hit, many restaurants were scrambling to stay afloat as they were severely hampered by government restrictions. Khalid was grateful to have his large network of famous celebrity friends help him during these times, as they always prioritized a stop at Dough Central to pick up their favorite dish when they were in town. They supported Khalid not just because they are great friends, but because they truly enjoyed the dishes served at Dough Central.

Even though Dough Central specializes in pizza, they have a wide selection of great items on their menu that go beyond their great tasting pizza. The signature subs are very popular, especially the Philly Cheesesteak sub, a celebrity and customer favorite. Beyond the exquisite creations that come on Dough Central’s signature subs and pizzas, they have a dessert menu that will impress even the biggest dessert enthusiast.

Their signature waffles are definitely worth writing home about, as these flavor packed waffles have toppings that go beyond your standard waffle with butter or maple syrup. The Oreo Dream waffle is a great example, it has vanilla gelato, crushed Oreos, and white chocolate sauce. The Hella Nutella Waffle is also a big hit at Dough Central, as it is made on a bed of Nutella, topped with vanilla gelato, Kinder Bueno pieces, and a drizzle with a white chocolate sauce.

If you are looking for something other than waffles, they have great gelatos, sorbets, doughnuts, and an unrivaled assortment of thick and creamy milkshakes.

With such a diverse menu and endless options, Dough Central has something for everyone, and is a great place to take the family. If you had a rough day, you could try one their wide selection of spirits. If you need a morning or mid-day boost, an espresso or cappuccino can be paired with any of their dishes to give you a much-needed jolt.

Once the pandemic ceases, Khalid is looking to expand Dough Central to other parts of the UK, beyond his first location, located in Colliers Wood, South London. If you want to get together for a night with friends but can’t decide on a restaurant or cuisine, Dough Central is the perfect choice as they have dishes from a number of cuisines, with dishes for everyone.

If you have a big group of friends and are having trouble finding a restaurant to accommodate the needs of each person, Dough Central is the perfect solution for a great night, with great food.

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