Amol Monga’s Brands Impact takes Branding & Events Industries by storm

What are the three things you expect from any banker? An organized mind, a problem-solving approach and an ability to see opportunity where others can only see hurdles. Coincidentally, these are also the top three traits of a good leader.

Add impeccable communication skills to this mix and that sums up the personality of Amol Monga, the dashing, new age entrepreneur who single handedly revolutionised the events industry with pioneering concepts and intellectual properties that have delivered exceptional business growth to his clients.

Amol is considered to be a rebel in the branding and event industries since the early days when he launched his venture Brands Impact. Amol is a trendsetter who likes to break rules and create new benchmarks with his unique approach and unconventional ideas that most players in the industry shamelessly try to copcopy.

I’m truly glad to know that I am able to inspire my competitors. New ideas are good for the growth of the industry and I’m happy to contribute. I initiated Brands Impact to be able to help clients take their growth to the next level with innovative branding opportunities and celeb endorsements.

“I am proud to say that we have registered sustained growth as an organisation along with our clients and the journey has been immensely satisfying,” says Amol Monga, Founder Director, Brands Impact Pvt. Ltd.

Amol started his career in the banking industry in 2007. After spending a couple of years in the econ. He dabbled with the PR and Advertising domains and was deeply intrigued by the sway that brands and celebs seemed to hold on the Indian consumers. He wished to create something that could help even small businesses grow fast and become brands.

After spending a few years perfecting the nuances in the branding world, he decided to take the leap of faith and become an entrepreneur in 2014 with the launch of his venture, Brands Impact Pvt. Ltd. Amol knew that Brands Impact needed to prove itself a Brand before it is accepted as a company that can make brands for its clients.

With this focus clear in his mind, Amol conceptualized and executed the first independent event named the International Quality Awards in Goa under the umbrella of Brands Impact in the year 2016, which proved to be an instant hit.

With celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sushmita Sen backing the annual International Quality Awards (IQA) events, IQA took the industry by storm and today is Brands Impact’s marquee event. 

Since success begets success, Amol went ahead on full throttle to cement the position of Brands Impact among the top branding management companies in India. He produced a gamut of TV shows and award functions over the next few years including International Quality Awards, Pride of Indian Education Awards, India’s Most Inspiring Success Stories, Golden Glory Awards, Global Property Awards, Pratigya Social Impact Awards, India’s Best Doctors Awards and Right Choice Awards.

“Us Indians can never have too much of the magic of movies. We just love Bollywood celebrities. I truly believe that there’s a huge opportunity in bringing celebrities and businesses together for mutual benefit and this is the premise of the business idea that Brands Impact is based upon,” shares Amol while talking about his vision.

To make every Brands Impact event the talk of the town, Amol ensured the presence of top stars from Bollywood and television industry including Jaqueline Fernandes, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sushmita Sen, Dia Mirza, Mandira Bedi, Preity Zinta, Raveena Tandon, Kirron Kher, Manoj Tiwari, Shekhar Suman and Poonam Dhillon among others.

Amol has many other talents too. He is the writer, director and producer of several television shows. He created ‘Zameen Se Falak Tak’ hosted by Shekhar Suman, ‘Safar Kamyabi Ka’ with Aman Yatan Verma and ‘Pratigya Stand for A Cause’ with veteran actress, Poonam Dhillon, keeping social causes and a touch of showmanship at the crux of his ideologies. Being a multi-tasker at heart, Amol finds strategizing, marketing, client servicing and human resource management equally intriguing. 

He recently concluded the two ultra-successful seasons for the virtual chat show ‘Being Candid’. The first one saw Neha Dhupia in conversation with the change-makers around the country while the second part brought on Dia Mirza as the host’s successor. Both parts were revered by the audience and media alike. 

Having achieved so much with his strategic thinking and focused approach, Amol believes that he owes much of the success to his team that has supported him through thick and thin.

He credits his wife, Ankita Singh, who spearheads the sales team at Brands Impact, as his pillar of strength and source of inspiration. Ankita is responsible for revenue generation while Amol takes charge of the creative aspects of Brands Impact’s business.

Amol is a man on a mission when it comes to nurturing talent and helping his team members evolve into leaders of tomorrow. He continually mentors his co-workers to help them explore their potential in branding and event management. 

“I’d love to see my team members motivated to continue working with me through the years. As their leader, I see it as my responsibility to help them grow exponentially and offer them the opportunities to prove themselves,” says Amol.

What started with a singular focus, transformed into a one-stop solution for branding with Amol’s business acumen. He took an aggressive stance towards growth and built Brands Impact from ground up.

The agency currently takes care of branding, events, media, production for over 3000 clients. Amol’s compelling strategies and mindful approach makes it inevitable for individual performers on his team to become team players and subsequently take up leadership roles. 

Despite so much happening on the work front, Amol takes time out for himself and his family. He is an avid traveller who likes to come up with event ideas that suit a particular location that he himself wishes to visit so as to have the best of both worlds, business and pleasure.

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