Amoré King Juggles Rap success and Entrepreneurship effortlessly

To be a successful Rapper in 2021 requires you to do a lot more than just rapping. Long gone are the days of label A&R’s scouting you out simply because you’re a “dope” mc. In this heavily analytics driven era you have to create the songs, distribute them, shoot visuals for them, and then market the songs.

This, of course is all in an effort to build your fanbase large enough to attract major label attention. According to Rapper Amoré King, that is just fine. The more work the more knowledge. And knowledge is leverage.

Amoré King is an American Rapper who got his start when a song of his found its way onto the radio station WGZB B96.5 FM of Louisville. The song was entered into a request line competition where it routinely beat opposing songs on a daily basis. The song won and got requested so many times his song got put in regular rotation.

From there what followed was multiple singles, national radio play around the country, tour dates, and regular courtship from major labels. But not enough leverage to broker a partnership. Today Amoré is eyeing a partnership venture for his label, The Immaculate Ones AV, with the big wig distributors.

Along the way through his musical journey, witnessing the scams from imposters and people claiming to offer services, Amoré King decided to launch Dope Tho platform. Dope Tho is a national News media and music publication. They have a healthy love of indie artist and offer pointers to make it in the industry.

Recently becoming an accredited Google News source, the Dope Tho writing team (Bri Renee, King Acklin, DJ Suspence, and El Suggs) are expanding the brand to even new heights this year.

So how does Amoré King balance all that comes with being a successful artist while also running a news publication? According to Amoré its his faith and God and having a strong team behind you. The music is booming as Amoré King has released his 1st single “Nights in the West”, in over 2 years, to rousing reviews. Major write ups about the song, radio play and more in just the 2 weeks since its release. All while the Dope Tho brand grows larger and larger. If the job Amoré is doing with music and his business are any indication, it appears he he won’t stop even after he snags that partnership deal, he’s working toward.

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