AmpiFire Founder Chris Munch Helps Digital Marketers Thrive During The Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has created a standstill across the globe; businesses, schools, health facilities, and socialization have all been affected including general marketing and branding.

This has resulted in a large increase in online activity with the New York Times reporting how various websites and apps have seen significant increases in visitors as more people are working from home or under some form of lockdown.

Pre-pandemic businesses that could have previously relied on word of mouth or foot traffic are now suffering from this culture change, and have been forced to increase their online presence to stay in business. This has created a unique opportunity for digital marketers as many traditional businesses suddenly need to establish a strong online presence which they had previously overlooked. As a result a young marketing software startup has seen a massive growth in business. 

AmpiFire, the world’s first and only content amplification software app has proven itself to be able to effectively take any product, service, business, website, or event and automatically advertise it across major news sites, high traffic blogs, podcast directories, SlideShare, video platforms and more, in multiple formats. They call this process ‘content amplification’.

Though the platform was gaining popularity before the crisis having helped over 10,000 businesses, and now demand increased exponentially. AmpiFire has stepped in, offering an easy, powerful solution to publish on 400+ media sites. Agencies or businesses that do not have the time to invest in learning the complexities of video creation, news writing, content repurposing, and syndication can use this one stop solution.

When it comes to creating content marketing campaigns, the ease of use and quick turnaround time are two factors that make AmpiFire a powerful software tool for increasing online visibility. 

Rather than trying to do expensive hit and miss public relations campaigns, paid traffic or SEO, AmpiFire works by producing content about a businesses products and services in various media formats, and publishes those access the web, which in turn brings in new customers. Denker Sage, an agency user of AmpiFire, has seen the service help him add millions of dollars in new revenue for his real estate and financial clients. 

Chris Munch, founder and CEO of AmpiFire and advocate for the little guy in business, has this to say, “Our dream at AmpiFire is that anyone with a good product or service should be seen and heard, and businesses, either big or small, should be able to share their message and get the online exposure they deserve without needing to do the work themselves. That’s why our virtual team spread across the globe is excited to be working on a completely unique and disruptive content marketing SaaS platform that enables users to run digital marketing campaigns that effectively capture the attention of their target audience.”

Although the world economy has crashed and digital marketers and entrepreneurs have been adversely affected, digital platforms such as AmpiFire have made this the right time to invest more in digital marketing tactics and gain significant market shares. 

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