An Eco-Friendly Move: How and why to Think Green When Relocating

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Moving is a process that includes a lot of wastage and accumulates trash that is not eco-friendly.  A large amount of plastic and disposable material creeps up after the move.  Though moving boxes are recyclable, moving is not an eco-friendly event. So we can say that we make a major impact on the environment throughout moves.

Many eco-friendly moving companies cut down the usage of wasteful packing material and take you out of the guilt for deteriorating the environment. Fortunately, it is not difficult to opt for an eco-friendly move to save our environment, and for that, you can follow the instructions of best cross country movers listed with Pricing Van Lines when planning a DIY move:

Be a Minimalist

Make sure you take the inventory of all the stuff that you own and then sort out the things that you need. Avoid taking unnecessary and broken stuff along to your new house. Consider donating or selling all the items that you do not use or haven’t used in a while.

Also, give away and get rid of the unwanted stuff that includes duplicate stuff, unwanted clothes, leftover construction material, housewares, old or broken tech material, craft supplies, etc. Packing less stuff means less use of plastics hence an eco-friendly move.

Use Pre-owned Packing Material

Whenever we think of packing, the first thing we do is start hoarding the house with a lot of packing material including plastics sheets, bubble wraps, and tapes, etc. You can cut down the use of plastics to a great extent by using pre-owned packing goods like suitcases, travel bags, gym and duffle bags, grocery totes(reusable), plastic buckets and bins, and dresser or chest of drawers.

You can even use bigger containers to pack all the small stuff in the kitchen. Use the bigger containers or goods to pack smaller things of the same type. This will not only save plastics but will also save energy, money, and time.

Store Some Boxes for Your Impending Move

Online shopping is a part of our everyday life now and with it, come to a lot of packing material. They pack everything in a huge roll of bubble wraps and cardboard boxes. If you know that you are moving in the upcoming time, it is wise to store all those boxes so that you can use them for the second time too.

Use Recyclable Packing Boxes

Instead of accumulating cardboard boxes or plastic bags, it is a good idea to use recyclable packing containers and boxes to pack your stuff. You can get these boxes on rent and can return them after the move.

This is one of the best ways of having an eco-friendly move as this will reduce the need for any single-use and hazardous material. Some companies rent reusable packing material and you can simply take those on rent and can return them after use.

Collect Used Boxes

There are certain things that you have to put in cardboard boxes and that need proper care while handling. For such stuff, it is recommended to get some already used cardboard boxes from nearby supermarkets or liquor stores. You can easily get those for free from chain pharmacies, grocers, retailers, and local stores as they also want to get rid of them.

If anyone in your family or friends have moved recently then ask them to keep the packing material and get it from them.

Find Alternates for Bubble Wrap in Your Home and Be Creative

There are plenty of things that can be used to fill in spaces and save your precious crockery. Try using cushions and towels to fill in empty spaces between your packing boxes. You can use socks and hand towels to wrap glassware and other fragile items. This will reduce the usage of bubble wrap to a great extent.

You can also consider using newspaper and old paperwork to pack plates. All this stuff is washable and reusable and will protect your stuff better than the polystyrene-based packing material which is toxic for the environment.

Avoid Multiple Moving Trips

Make the fewest trips to your new place during your move by skipping small trips to do little by little. It is always better to make fewer trips during the move and get all stuff shifted in one go as it does not only save time but also saves fuel.

Opt for a Green Moving Company

If you are planning to hire a moving company instead of a DIY move, then it is highly recommended to hire a green moving company to reduce the environmental impact of your move. A green moving company uses all the eco-friendly methods to reduce the harmful effect of packing material. They even use biodiesel fuel trucks instead of traditional fuel vehicles along with reusable moving boxes.

Lastly, you should contact a local recycling company to get the stuff recycles that you have used during your move.

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