An In-Depth Guide To Hire An SEO Specialist

Are you looking for an SEO expert but are unsure how to choose a pro from a con? Relax; help is at hand. Below are some notable pointers that one needs to consider to make the best bet.

Tips to Consider 

  • Google SEO Certification – First, if the SEO expert says that they are Google certified, remember it is a scam. One can undertake SEO courses yet cannot get a certification.
  • Experience – Here, experience does not mean the number of years one has been in SEO. It means the total number of websites that they have worked on. That is because an SEO professional will gain experience via working on various websites. Every site will have its distinct issues, and if they have worked on a handful of sites automatically, the problems they come across are limited.

Thus, while an SEO professional may have several years of experience in this field but may not have the needed skills to handle SEO issues, ask about their losses and wins. Allow the SEO professional to talk regarding their experience and how it has changed over the years. This way, one can get a sense of their experience overall. For best SEO experts, consult experienced SEO specialists at Schure Consulting

  • No Cheap SEO – Here, cheap labor means poor quality. An SEO professional who offers his services for cheap will not spend enough time working on SEO. So hire wisely.
  • What does Search Engine Marketing mean to an SEO Professional – If the selected SEO professional tells that SEO is regarding content and links, it is time to move on. In reality, search engine optimization is more complex as it includes indexing, site crawlability, content, keywords, on-page off-page, and more. When they give a short and simple answer, he does not fully understand how SEO functions. Unfortunately, this is quite common. Most people consider that search engine optimization is an easy means of making money.
  • Tools they Use – Ask the SEO professional what tools they use and how they use the same. Tools like SEMrush offers a plethora of features and not all SEO use all of these.
  • What the SEO Professional Says – The SEO expert uses words such as fool and trick; this is a red flag. When one tricks Google, it means they are deceiving. So it is vital to check what the SEO professional says.
  • Confidence – The moment one speaks to an SEO professional, they will know he is an expert as they are experienced and say with certainty. Stay away from those who refer to themselves as warlock, wizard, magician, or ninja as they will not take the job seriously. The idea is to hire a professional in this domain and not any ninja or illusionist.
  • No Guaranteed Rankings – SEO experts can offer guarantees as Google may make some core updates that may affect their site negatively. There is nothing one can do for predicting when any update will come or what effect it can have on their site.

Apart from these, see their results, check how they measure success, ask about contracts, and see what else they offer.

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