An Inside Look at AK Chefs: The Best Sneaker Reseller Business Out There

Reselling businesses are making the big bucks these days. Technology and the internet have made it significantly easier to find out about the latest releases of high-demand products. This has enabled resellers to make a boatload of profit on reselling products they snatched up on the release dates of highly sought-after products like sneakers. Ari Sarafyan is one of those resellers who now manages what could be considered to be the best sneaker reseller business out there.

What Sarafyan accomplished in three years is nothing short of extraordinary. He was just a teenager when he identified the opportunity of creating AK Chefs. This community of thousands of members learns about the latest drops for items like sneakers, gaming consoles, and much more. AK Chefs also provides free tools, guides, information on drops, group buy opportunities, early links to drops, store checkout bots, and quality one-on-one support.

Sarafyan has dedicated the past three years of his life to turning AK Chefs into the go-to place for anyone looking to resell sneakers, tickets, and other products. You can even get involved in funko reselling, random flips, and sports betting. If you head over to the AK Chefs Twitter page, you’ll likely see drops for products like the new PlayStation 5, skateboards, and, of course, sneakers.

There is a team of a few dozen experienced staff members helping Sarafyan with the day-to-day operations of the vibrant Discord community. This ensures that every one of his customers received the best possible support. In fact, customer service is a major point of focus for him. Members are always encouraged to ask questions if they ever have any issues or confusion about anything. There is even one-on-one support provided.

AK Chefs is also monitoring online stores for the latest drops. There are numerous Shopify and non-Shopify stores that are scoured, with new sites added all of the time. Sarafyan has managed to get the inside scoop on what sneakers will be dropping, ahead of when they actually do. This is thanks to the exclusive partnerships with industry insiders he has gained over the years. That is something few of his competitors could manage, making it an instant edge over any other competing business.

All of the hard work that Sarafyan has put into AK Chefs is something that he finds incredibly fulfilling. However, it can also be very exhausting and encroaching on other areas of his life. Working 85 hours a week, every week, has left little time to do much else. That means no Sunday football and no parties, which are some of the things Ari misses the most. However, he believes that he is getting to a point where he can be a little more hands-off than he is now.

By hiring a growing team of experienced staff for AK Chefs, Sarafyan is already positioning himself to be someone who can broaden his entrepreneurial horizons elsewhere.

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