An Inside Scoop on Being an Influencer from SisterKristy

We’ve all fantasized about what life would be like if we were influencers.  The life of an influencer seems so effortless and free of troubles and responsibilities.  After interviewing the bombshell animal lover, SisterKristy, we learn that that is far from the truth.  Being an influencer is a job that takes time and commitment.  Although it may not be a “typical workday” there are still daily responsibilities to maintain a thriving business.

What time does your day usually start, and what’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I usually wake up around 9:00 or 10:00 am. I leave my blinds open so that when the sun comes up, it’s lighter in my room and therefore harder to sleep in! The first thing I do is obviously grab my phone and start working. Checking Instagram is my first priority, mostly just filtering through comments (especially if I posted a picture the night before) and making sure there are no rude people. If I do see a rude comment, I’ll delete/block the person. Then go through the rest of the comments and reply and say my “thank you’s” back to the sweet people in hopes that I’ll make their day! Then I’ll check my emails, see if there’s anything that needs my immediate attention and work on that, and then check my other social media accounts, along with my website and answer any DMs that I have. I always think nothing will happen during the night, but I always wake up to what feels like millions of notifications. Then I get up, feed my kitties, and then get ready to head out for my workout at 11:00 am!

What are some typical work duties you have in your workday?

So that’s the thing, my life is basically my job so it’s not an easy answer! So how most people separate work life and personal life, in my case, is all blended together. The gym is work for me because it’s a part of how I look. So, if I’m working out, I’m working. Then when I’m done, I come home to shower and put on makeup, that’s also work for me. Then I take some selfies to post on my Instagram story, followed by putting on some lingerie and take some “teaser” pictures on my Instagram story as well and promote my website! Once or twice a week I do photoshoots in my apartment and get photos for Instagram/Twitter and take content for my website as well which is always my favorite thing to do! If I’m not doing that, then I’ll be online looking at different marketing strategies, getting ideas for shoots, and banking is a huge thing for me as well since I’m a one-woman show!

How do you work your duties into your normal daily routine?

So, 6 years ago when I started this endeavor, I remember working my Monday to Friday average job and on Sundays, I would get all dolled up, take pictures for the upcoming week ahead of time, and have them pre-edited and ready to post! Now that this is my actual job. It’s wild to think I can just do it any day of the week I need to when I run out of new content! So, it’s like my work and personal life are almost the same thing now. If I go out to dinner and I post about it, I’m working. If I go on vacation, and I’m posting it, I’m working. The only time I’m not working, is in the summer when I go on a family vacation where there is absolutely zero service. That is my solitude. That brings me back, especially with my family around, it really helps me stay grounded in this world. Even when I do end up back home for say Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving, I tend to keep the work to a minimum there and use that time to recharge. I’m thankful that I have it in me to recognize when I need time to put my phone down and that social media will still be there in 3 days when I’m ready to come back.

How do you close out your typical day?

So, usually at the end of the day, I’ll sit on my couch and call my mama around 5:00 or so to have a bit of a break from “work” and to just take 5. If I took photos that day, I’ll go through my camera roll and keep all the good photos, delete the bad ones, etc., then maybe make myself some dinner or order some Uber eats. Then I’ll just be relaxing on the couch again, answering messages on my website and posting on my website since that’s my main priority! I’ll usually post an Instagram photo every other day, so I’ll scroll through and find one that will look good on my timeline. Sometimes I have the tv on in the background watching either Sex and the City or Twin Peaks! Sometimes I won’t have anything on though, just peace and quiet, so I have no distractions– besides my cats. Sometimes if my girlfriends want to grab a drink or dinner, I’ll do that as well! But I usually aim to be in bed by 11:00 on a weeknight, and asleep by 12:00 or 1:00 am. The last thing I do before bed is watch YouTube videos of makeup routines, tarot readings, and lifestyle videos, it’s relaxing to me. If I really can’t sleep, then I’ll use the calm app and practice some meditation/breathing and that normally helps me end a full day of staring at my phone

Are there any specific work responsibilities that you prefer over others?

I love taking photos and seeing what I’m able to do by myself. Some photos I’ve taken on my own, and the natural lighting is just perfect, the angle is just right, my hair is on point, and not to sound full of myself lol but I’m like “damn I look so good, FaceTune who??” I love working out as well, I see my trainer 3 times a week so we’ve gotten pretty close and it’s always fun to see how heavy I can lift and how far I’ve come! My least favorite work-related responsibility — and my followers will know this — is dealing with taxes and all that! I’m a small business, and taxes can just be so confusing and are hard to understand, but luckily I’ve got an amazing account that takes care of me!

So, being an influencer is –yes, still glamourous– but it is a career. You can follow Sister Kristy on Twitter, Instagram, or visit her website!

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