An Insight Into the Journey of Kenneth Sullivan, Who Is Empowering Others

Kenneth Sullivan wears different hats. Kenneth is a published author, business owner, civic leader, and educator. He serves as the Senior Pastor of New Direction Church of Indianapolis. Kenneth firmly believes in the power of God to redirect lives.

Kenneth is a community leader, he serves on several advisory boards and supports initiatives focused on economic empowerment, community engagement and youth development.

Being an author, Kenneth has written his books using proven biblical methods.

He published his first book entitled “Rules of Engagement,” which focuses on a practical and relational teaching guide for women who want to learn how to successfully build the relationship they desire. Recently he released his second book “Love & Verses,” which teaches people how to build healthy and strong marriages and relationships.

Kenneth has also developed an organization named S.A.V.E.S which is working towards developing programs, camps, events, and scholarship opportunities that help to reduce violence and crime in the surrounding communities and give youth and their family’s alternatives to help them grow, learn, and succeed. 

Kenneth has made it a priority to pour into the lives of youth and young adults in the city of Indianapolis.

Kenneth’s mission is to motivate, re-direct, and lead people in the right direction. He looks forward to growing the ministry even bigger and helping other Christian pastors reach out more to the youth. “I believe that pastors must come out of their buildings and out of their silos and mix it up a little bit more.”

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