An Inspiring Journey of Mohammed Muneeb Khan and Mohammed Akheel to Become Business Tycoons

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It has been rightly said that if you can dream big, you can do it. The road to your dreams isn’t always easy to navigate, sometimes dotted with mountains to climb, obstacles to overcome—and hard, mind-numbing times that will make you feel like quitting. Just remember this if you get lost along the way: Anything worth having doesn’t come easy. So don’t turn back around. Don’t give up.

The inspiring story of Mohammed Muneeb Khan and Mohammed Akheel can stir high hopes in the veins of young enthusiasts who believe in the power of abundance in the universe.

Born in a business family in Shivamogga city of Karnataka, Mohammed Muneeb Khan dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. But Mr. Muneeb’s parents want him to get a respectable job as they don’t wish him to go through the struggles they have gone through. But his relatives motivated and supported him in realising his dreams.

Mr. Muneeb’s parents want him to pursue a career in engineering but his plans guide him to have engineers working for him.

When Mr. Muneeb was in 10th standard,  he went to the RTO office with his father to renew his driving licence. He observed the middlemen are making money through driving license procedures.

This attracted Mr. Muneeb to ignite his passion for business and he started helping people with less cost and less profit margin. Till his 12 standard , he continued his business which is a bit of a slow process to get DL but a righteous one with his industrious efforts. Mr. Muneeb pursued his Civil and EHS Engineering diploma and at the same time tried his luck in real estate too.

Mr. Muneeb’s life could have been an ordinary life till the point he met his business associate and partner in his later life, Mohammed Akheel. Mr. Akheel’s father was an exemplary Advocate with a philanthropic heart. He used to help downtrodden sections of the society by providing books and clothes.

Mr. Akheel’s life was almost to a halt when his father passed away on 15 November 2008. Mr. Akheel was just 16 and had shattered dreams before him. He realized the courage to live by himself and started supporting his family by doing petty jobs like newspaper distribution and working as a salesman in a cloth shop. Mr. Akheel also worked at a pharmaceutical shop to earn his living and supported the studies of his brother and sister.

Mr. Akheel’s eyes hold the dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer and to take an overseas flight. To pursue his higher education, he went to ask for help from his relatives who denied him. Mr. Akheel’s determination to get a reputed college for himself took him to PES Institute of Technology and Management and his mother supported him financially through her mortgaged gold money.

The fee was more and he had quite less in his pocket. He straightway went up to the Managing Director and Principal of the college, Aruna Devi and Vishvanath P Baliger for the admission. Mr. Akheel’s request was granted but to a different stream and that was Computer Science. But his interest grew in Computer Science as if destiny had a call for him.

It was the year 2010, when  Mr. Akheel met Mr. Muneeb. Their business aspirations and ideas collaborated with each other and hereafter the young lads commenced their unstoppable journey to success.

Mr. Akheel and Mr. Muneeb opened a firm “Bright Groups” in partnership in 2012. The firm aimed at supplying bags and uniforms to the students. They got the  first order from their college and later on the business grew through references.

Before Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel completed their graduation, they had earned enough money to support their families and pay off the gold as well as the educational loan.

Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel kept their search on for investors in the overseas market. Mr. Akheel got an opportunity to crack an interview conducted by a tourism company of Bahrain. He respected the job offer made to him and his dream to sit in a flight came true as he went  to the interview in Bangalore.

Mr. Akheel was given the highest job offer of his engineering batch i.e. 9 lacs per annum with all transportation and other amenities.

Mr. Muneeb faced a lot of challenges in getting a job for himself as he was rejected by 33 companies. But he never looked back and the sky was the limit for him.  At last, Mr. Muneeb was appointed as EHS officer in a Petrochemical plant in the second largest company of Saudi Arabia, ‘Sabic”. He used to pitch his business proposals to investors after his job hours.

In 2016, Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel came up with a soft drink brand “Thanda Natural Soda”. Their understanding and immense knowledge laid the foundation of a successful business.

“Amber”  packaged drinking water was launched by Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel in 2017.  The prime focus was to supply clean water in the rural areas where there is a scarcity of water.

Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel provided water to 14 villages and  2625 homes at the rate of 1 rupee per litre. It took over the market within two months and supported 2 schools in rural areas, 29 temples, 2 Mosques and 33 Anganwadis with free water supply.

The biggest turning point was yet to arrive in Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel’s life. “1 Help Technology & Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.”, their software and web development company conceived in 2018. They developed web  designs for the private sector and concentrated on their projects for the government sector as well.

Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel’s unique selling point was to provide quick  code development softwares and to work at affordable prices in less time. They worked for the projects of political parties during assembly and parliamentary elections projects. The same year, Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel launched their sister company ,”1 Help Technocrats & innovations Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel got three of  their projects patented and applied for other 49 projects which were focussed on health, education, media, marketing, transport and agriculture. Their business grew leaps and bounds with recommendations and references.

Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel expanded their business to Dubai and Qatar in 2019. Stepped in Real Estate as “Antique Constructions and Builders”. Karnataka was hardest hit in 2019 floods and these tycoons left no stone unturned to help affected people with food and medicines. During Coronavirus, Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel supported the PM relief fund.

Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel’s endeavours were recognised with exemplary awards. They were awarded “India Icon Award 2019” for outstanding service in the IT sector in Karnataka and “India Excellence Award 2019” in fastest growing software solutions service provider in South India.

They are also nominated for “International Goal Awards 2020” in Kathmandu Nepal. Mr. Muneeb and Mr. Akheel are also nominated for “Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2021” award.

Mr. Akheel and Mr. Muneeb are always in search of innovative young minds who can help society with their ideas.

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