An Interview With DJL Jonathan Lim, the Biggest Social Media Influencer in Malaysia

We have been desperate for a chance to interview the internationally renowned social star and motivational speaker DJL Jonathan Lim for some time now. When his agent finally called to schedule us in, we were over the moon. Then we realized it would have to be a Zoom interview in line with Covid restrictions… but we were still excited.

Here is what the 37-year-old multi-millionaire had to say about making it big, his spare time, and his loving life!

DJL Dato Jonathan lim Interview

Q: Dota Jonathan Lim… we are a bit starstruck. It’s so good to have you with us.

A: Ah, you’re welcome; it’s good to be here talking to you. 

Q: So, how are you? What’s new? What are you working on?

A: Wow! One at a time! I am fine, thank you. We have been working extra hard recently in investing in smaller Malaysian businesses. And what’s new is that I have added a range of talks to my YouTube channel that you can go check out if you want to learn about IT, telecommunications, and other business ventures. It’s my Facebook page that’s out of control, though. If you’re going to follow me, it’s an excellent place to start.

Q: That’s wonderful. And we’re sorry for overwhelming you, but we are fangirling a bit. We have been following your YouTube progress carefully for months now. Your subscribers are rising fast.

A: I think people want the advice I have to give. Like… If you were desperate to start your own IT firm but didn’t have the confidence, my motivational speeches are exactly what you need to get ahead in business. People can better themselves quickly, but sometimes they need someone to have that faith to do it. I give them that faith. They keep coming back.

Q: Hahaha! If they keep coming back, that’s a good sign. You were recently seen working with Community Policing in Malaysia; what’s that project about. It doesn’t seem to fit in with your usual portfolio.

A: Ah yes, the security projects. There’s a high crime rate in Malaysia that most people don’t know about. For every 100k people, there are 81 robberies. That’s high compared to other countries. So Social Security and PDRM got in touch, and they wanted investments for a one-touch call assistance service. If you have this device installed, it can call for help without your assailant knowing. You can use the app to call for help in home invasion situations, too. 

Q: That sounds like a worthwhile project…

A: Absolutely. I like to focus on projects that help people. That’s what turned me on to motivational speaking, to begin with, because I know that I am helping people when I do it. Why do we do anything if it isn’t helping others? 

If we all worked that way, the world would be a better place. DJL Dato Jonathan lim, thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you achieve success after success in the future.

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