An Iranian Celebrity Cosmetic Specialist and Entrepreneur Dr. Amir Hashemloo

A remarkable way to achieve success is to do what you love the most in life. But how does one find that one job that would enhance our interest in living better by each day? 

We fear making wrong choices and therefore we don’t choose at all. Just sit there like someone else is taking all our major decisions. 

And that’s how we block some of the most beautiful experiences that life had in store for us.

The most joyful, successful individuals in this world are those that are accomplishing something they love. One such personality is Dr. Amir Hashemloo who has dedicated his time to something that interests him. 

Brought up in Tehran Iran, Dr. Amir Hashemloo got keen on medication since his secondary school days. He got a great deal of support from his loved ones to seek after a vocation in the medical field. 

After school, Dr. Amir Hashemloo set off to try the field of experimental sciences in medication at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, with a remarkable position of 32 in the university entrance exam. 

While in medical school, Dr. Amir Hashemloo likewise started to investigate his inventive side by wandering into craftsmanship chiseling. His light second came when he understood he could consolidate both of his inclinations, thus started his excursion into corrective medical procedures. 

Throughout the long term, Dr. Amir Hashemloo has worked with a lot of renowned VIPs, for example, Bijan Mortazavi and his wife Setare Saeedi, Anahita Dargahi, Ashkan Khatibi, Nargess Abyar, Roya Mirelmi, Khatere Asadi, and football geniuses like Hossein Mahini, Milad Mohammadi, and Mehdi Sharifi. 

For the cosmetic expert, his greatest accomplishment was enhancing and fostering his strategy for rectifying the eye and eyebrow outline. 

Challenges are an important part of a life journey. Life would be prosaic and exhausting without difficulties. They make us more grounded. Life comprises involvement, difficulties, and accomplishments, which are all structured in a protocol that leads to the progress and development of an individual. 

For Dr. Amir Hashemloo, perhaps the difficult challenge lies in making the ideal change on a patient’s face that is possible. He believes that making these developments/corrections seem natural and infinitesimal is a big encounter in the field.

Dr. Amir Hashemloo accepts his life difficulties and faces his challenges with a strong self-belief. The business visionary yearns to achieve more from his life and is making greater progress in his career. 

Dr. Amir Hashemloo has arrived at the highest point of his profession through devotion, hard work, and determination. The brilliant achiever has his mantra that he follows. 

He says “Be honest and patient with your patients, know the difference between a chief complaint and an admitting diagnosis. When it comes to selecting a patient, don’t be afraid to turn down candidates who are not suitable for cosmetic procedures,” as he guides future cosmetic specialists. 

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