An Unstoppable Millennial Fashion Influencer &; The Boss Lady of Her Own Empire – Aastha Mehta.

Aastha Mehta

The more we look around ourselves, the more we would find talented individuals around us, who are making it big in their respective fields or areas of interest. One such industry that has been increasingly getting more and more popularity is the digital world and with this, it has also given rise to many young talents who are disrupting the digital scene for the better.

Amongst these talents is a passionate blogger, content creator and online influencer named Aastha Mehta. She is driven by creating innovative content and posts that make a positive difference in the lives of all her followers and audiences; this is one of the reasons why Aastha today enjoys a renowned status as a young influencer across Instagram.

In her own words, she always had a kneen interest of capturing her looks, moments, memories, travel and life in general which helped her create a platform for blogging and her creative writing skills and talents took her on her own sweet journey to success as a trendsetter in the online world.

Today, Aastha is a sought-after fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel influencer and creator who has taken over Instagram with her own style and vibe and has inspired many others as well who aspire to be like her.

The glamour world never attracted her and since she loved to create new content and had an inclination towards fashion, Aastha decided to take the plunge in fashion blogging and since then this talented blogger and influencer has never looked back.

She even studied Advertising and Social Media Marketing and did her majors in Fashion Advertising so that she could gain overall knowledge about the subject apart from her love for fashion. She graduated in the same from the University Of Arts London – UAL in the year 2015.

Originally from Mumbai and graduated from London, Aastha has also worked with the Times Network and grew to be one of their best content writers, where readers loved her articles, making it even trend many times.

Just like all success stories of today were not created overnight, Aastha too had her share of ups and downs in life before making it as the influencer she is today. She took the time to convince herself, she took time to get the confidence, learn the business, get the experience and yet get self- assurance that she could take this up as her career.

She was very hesitant, low on confidence and indecisive. While her family and friends stood up as pillars, they taught her how to look beyond her disabilities and motivated her when she thought she couldn’t do it.

Aastha has always had the fascination of creating content that could catch the eyeballs of many; hence, she began learning about using precise keywords, targeting social media audiences with the most innovative and trending content, photography, shooting vlogs and many other things.

She has worked and blogged about many International and world renowned brands like Daniel Wellington, Nykaa, Marriott Suites, Timberland, Markhill Hair, Wella Professionals, O.P.I Nails etc. She is also raising covid relief funds for the Ngo- Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care through her blog page to send out immediate aid to critical care covid patients.

Today, she stands tall as an expert in all these things which has multiplied her followers and have helped her gain momentum in the digital world.

Aastha is living her dream life and each passing day is still striving to be the best version of herself. We won’t be surprised if this Fashion Diva, Globe Trotter and Boss Lady takes the social media and influencing game by storm with her burning passion for content creation and an incredible eye for fabulous aesthetics and Fashion.

She’s here to inspire more than influence. We can safely say…She’s here to stay! Truely a Boss Lady building her own empire.
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