Ana Riley Continues to Expand Her Business Valise Designs

Ana Riley, the owner of Valise Designs in Adelaide, Australia continues to expand her business and has continued to do so throughout the last couple of years, despite unforeseen circumstances. 

Despite external challenges facing the world over the past year and a half, Ana Riley has seamlessly integrated her vast experience in operations management into her current business model to scale her business, empower her team and drive future growth. 

To Ana Riley, people are at the center of everything, and they are the lifeblood of her business. 

“I always invest in people,” says Riley. “You can never go wrong by providing training, support, and development. Appropriate motivation and rewards can also go a long way when it comes to empowering your employees.” 

Part of Ana Riley’s success has been her ability to delve into the human resources and management aspects of her business, but also her keen ability to analyze data and performance indicators. 

“I analyze, research, and identify the KPIs so that down the line, I can adopt strategies that are suitable to different areas of the business,” says Riley.

Another factor driving her success is her ability to streamline business processes and maximize resources. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of her business and team, she is able to use specific processes that increase productivity and decrease any cost, error, or delay. 

Part of scaling and expanding a business is also about allowing room for change. That is why Riley recommends that every business owner looking to expand their operation might consider leaving themselves open to change and advancement. 

“Be open to change. Welcome advanced technology and expand your networks by collaborating with people in similar industries. Try out alternative solutions and technology to enhance customer service and cut costs.” 

Part of enhancing customer service and cutting costs comes down to knowing what processes to automate and which processes to do manually. 

To do this, Riley overlooks the entire business process, circles back to the KPIs, and tracks and itemizes the most impactful tasks that drive growth. 

For now, business in South Australia is looking up. There has been government support to support small and medium-sized businesses, and Riley has already prepared for any potential changes in the supply chain in advance. 

Some actions Ana Riley has taken to avoid any potential delays are building a local inventory and stocking up on contingency supplies, allowing for more flexibility when it comes to timelines, and connecting with local manufacturers. 

Ana Riley has taken the opportunity to form new relationships and connections whenever possible in order to drive the growth of her business. 

By fully auditing the entire business process, swiftly implementing change wherever possible, and continuing to support and reach out for support, Ana Riley continues to grow her business in Adelaide. 

Her next steps? She hopes that Valise Designs will become a competitive global player in the marketplace. 

At the very least, Riley has a plan to make it happen. 

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