Andrea Bosetti Provides Digital Solutions for Businesses Weakened by the Pandemic

In a world where the digital environment plays an increasingly important role, especially in the business world, having the right tools to position yourself, attract customers or simply create an image so that you are remembered are elementary. Specialists such as Andrea Bosetti recognize the relevance of aspects such as those mentioned and open doors for people and companies to have greater possibilities of accessing these services.

Basing their knowledge on a wide trajectory, Bosetti has managed to gather a team of experts in Digital Marketing Mind, an academy specializing in the training of people and companies on the proper management of their social media platforms, focusing its purposes on efficiency and profitability.

Since his youth, Bosetti kept the clear objective in his passion for marketing, and it was precisely this aspect that moved him to carry out different related works in this area to acquire the necessary experience to strengthen his knowledge.

He started in the management of events in several discotheques where he managed to work with teams of up to 100 people weekly. What represented a great challenge would become part of his passion later on. Once he obtained his university degree in economics and commerce, he decided to advance his goal of growing as an entrepreneur in the world of digital marketing.

Bosetti’s Experience

At the age of 23, he opened his first business which was a bar that he was able to sell a year later. A second venture arrived later, which lasted two years which he also sold afterwards.

However, his biggest project as an entrepreneur was Coverstore, a cell phone accessory store founded in 2013. In a short time, it managed to increase its turnover to €12,000. This company was sold in 2018. For five years, Bosetti was the marketing director and its founder. Both positions allowed him to see that there was still some way to go and he became part of AGL, a company dedicated to the real estate environment.

However, his progress continued, and, in the same year, he gave way to Marketing Digital Mind, his specialized academy.

Challenges Overcome and to Be Overcome

Within only two years of founding Digital Marketing Mind, Bosetti’s venture already gained wide experience in training and education. About 700 companies have received training from this company dedicated to innovate and offer tools for those interested to communicate efficiently.

However, the real challenge for the company came in 2020. After two years of training where more than 3,000 people in events and through the online classes have strengthened their knowledge, the COVID-19 situation could present a bump for Bosetti and his team.

However, their determination allowed them to continue, even in difficult times, to make progress in achieving their goals and to offer more and more from a working point of view.

“I could stand by and watch a long closing in the hope that it would soon pass. I could complain a bit about the situation, the state, and the uncertainty. I could talk a bit like that about intelligent work. I could, I could, and I could, so I chose to do,” he says.

Always Choose to Do

Instead of being paralyzed by the situation, Bosetti saw the opportunity to continue to face the challenging panorama and move forward to offer greater possibilities to those who are thinking of leaving. Since the COVID-19 presented a hard blow to companies and businesses, specialists like Bosetti offered their services to ensure that they would find the solution in the digital environment.

He decided to act instead of getting stuck thinking about the negative. He saw this process as a moment to reinvent himself, to change a business model. “I told my team that we could look for more and they followed me.”

Teamwork Wins

Currently, Marketing Digital Mind has a group of ten specialists dedicated to education and training. For Bosetti, teamwork represents greater stability both in difficult and successful times, because it is a combination of ideas that allow the progress towards strength and growth. It ensures that a team is a strengthening entity that brings greater benefit to any environment.

At present, Bosetti and the Digital Marketing Mind team are considering new growth opportunities. In April, in the middle of the pandemic, they managed to double the offer of courses launched, broke records in participation, and planned other areas to expand their training.

This is one more example of how difficult times can become opportunities for those who can see beyond. 

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