Andreas Szakacs: A Titan of the Financial World

Confucious, the wise philosopher said, “A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door,” planning and strategies are extremely crucial in building any business and organization. Innovative ideas and creative concepts are two things that grab attention easily and in the world of business, it is very important to be genuine and deliver original plans. Entrepreneur Andreas Szakacs is one of these people who believe in effective planning and spends a considerable amount of time developing the best business strategies. After he retired from the Swedish army, Szakacs was fascinated by the financial sector. He diverted his attention towards the world of trading and economics and little did he know that he was going to become a huge success in the field.

Szakacs generated several business plans with hard work and determination. His main focus was to improve the banking experience for customers and he quotes “I understood customers’ pain points when it comes to making transactions between countries. Post unraveling a prick in a lot of palms, I started working together with my partners and co-founders to solve it. I believed we could develop a revolutionary banking system that will benefit people from all parts of the world, especially when they are trying to transfer money”

He has developed ideas that made the banking experience much easier and smoother. His achievements in the field along with his genius ideas have led this man to become the owner of a bank, CEO of a company called Omegrapro, a Venture Capitalist, and a part of Forex. His journey started in 2014 and after 8 long years of hard work, he has become a legend in the field of finance and banking and, young entrepreneurs are looking up to Szakacs for inspiration.

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