Andres Isaias – Combining Innovation and Excellence

Andres Isaias is a fearless Miami-born and Guayaquil, Ecuador-bred entrepreneur who is becoming known for spearheading innovation and building growth-oriented businesses in a multitude of industries. 

He is currently the President of RESTEM, LLC, a biotechnology outfit using its stem cell therapeutics in a clinical study with COVID-19 patients, and the force behind ANDIAN, an ultra-high-end residential development group founded in 2020. 

While he began his career reviving struggling businesses, he is entering 2021 with an eye on the future of both innovative medicine and the booming Miami real estate market

Since 2012, Andres Isaias has led RESTEM, LLC, a cutting-edge biotechnology company that has created patented technology for stem cell extraction and proliferation. RESTEM is dedicated to the discovery and development of cell-based therapeutics that aid in the treatment of human degenerative diseases such as autoimmune disorders, and other severe illnesses. 

RESTEM’s core focus is on helping improve the quality of life for individuals struggling with illness. The unique properties of its patented cell technology, which includes cGMP stem cells, make it an ideal donor to clinical studies, which RESTEM has been proud to participate in, emerging as a major contributor to cell-based therapy treatments.  

In May 2020, RESTEM received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a 60-patient study using umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells in order to look at whether this may be a safe and effective treatment for patients hospitalized with severe cases of COVID-19.

The randomized, placebo-controlled, and blinded study, the first of its kind in the U.S., is a collaborative effort between multiple institutions including RESTEM, Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Baptist Health South Florida, and Sanford Health. 

In 2020, Andres Isaias started ANDIAN, an ultra-high-end residential development company. ANDIAN recently sold the third-highest priced per-square-foot single-family home in the history of South Beach, Florida.  

Andres Isaias launched his professional career in 2006, at a then-defunct insurance company called Rocafuerte Seguros in Guayaquil, Ecuador. During his time at the company, Isaias spearheaded the rebranding and relaunch of Rocafuerte Seguros, transforming it into a top-5 national insurance company that provided life and general insurance in the private and public sector.

Rocafuerte Seguros became known for creating and providing innovative insurance solutions that were customized according to the characteristics and needs of each client. The company’s Life and Medical Assistance plans include additional services such as discounts in pharmacies, ambulance services, and agreements with Ecuador’s hospitals and clinics. Rocafuerte Seguros’ technical department, together with its international advisors, performed risk inspections to obtain general recommendations to better ensure and assist its clients.

The Rocafuerte Seguros customer service system was among the most agile and capable in Ecuador’s insurance market, with a comprehensive after-sales service that solves any customer need that may arise. The company was backed by leading international reinsurance companies, along with having total autonomy to process claims, policy issues, and billing. Rocafuerte Seguros always sought to generate trust and protection for its policyholders, especially Ecuador’s underserved populations.

In 2011, Andres Isaias founded ENREMA, LLC to operate and manage a natural gas production project in the counties of Morgan, Fentress, and Pickett in Tennessee. When the price of gas fell, ENREMA shifted its focus from the production of gas to oil, performing experiments with liquid nitrogen to ultimately exponentially increase its oil production. 

In August 2013, ENREMA discovered a new oil field in Fentress County, Tennessee where the company proceeded to drill 13 wells. In November 2014, ENREMA acquired 710 wells, positioning ENREMA as the biggest operator in Tennessee both by well and acreage count. ENREMA is presently the largest privately-held oil and gas operator in the state of Tennessee.

By 2018, ENREMA became the top oil producer in the state of Tennessee, by then acquiring and drilling over 800 oil and gas wells, which are carefully monitored to ensure a safe and environmentally friendly business practice. ENREMA is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and has operational offices in Sunbright, Tennessee. 

As a teenager, Andres won the Guayaquil Junior Karting championship, following in the footsteps of his father, who was once a Pan-American and National Karting champion. Andres also played squash in Ecuador, where he was a ranked player. 

As a boarding school student at Portsmouth Abbey School in Rhode Island, Andres was part of the school’s squash team and placed in the top 16 in New England’s high school squash championship.

After graduating high school, Andres Isaias attended Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, graduating in 2005 with a dual bachelor’s degree — a Bachelor of Science with a Finance and Management double major, and a Bachelor of Engineering Science, with a minor in Math. Andres also spent a semester abroad studying at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain. 

Andres is an avid technical certified diver and has participated in over 1,500 dives, including dives over 350 feet deep. He is also certified in cave-diving and has participated in cave dives of over 5,000 feet of penetration. 

Whether spearheading the relaunch of a defunct company, discovering and enhancing the production of natural resources, developing new stem-cell technologies to help heal disease or building homes for the future of Miami, Andres Isaias has shown the people of Ecuador and the United States that he is able to shape and impact the future with his tireless work, vision, and drive. 

Today, Andres lives in Miami Beach where he loves to spend his days with his daughter, Dylan. 

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