Andrew Anastasiou: The Cypriot Entrepreneur who Won’t Stop Innovating

A lot of people think that success and making money is about being able to buy expensive stuff, but not many people understand that it is about making a difference

This quote comes directly from the mouth of Andrew Anastasiou, the Cyprus based entrepreneur who is behind the newly launched NoBanx, the API driven crypto payment processing platform and the soon to be launched NBNX Incubator, a token that drives innovation, project incubation, and blockchain funding.

Andrew Anastasiou is a 32-year-old British born entrepreneur who came on to the scene in 2016, and since then has gone from strength to strength with building innovative and thought-leading products and creating mass adoption every single time.

With his latest project, NoBanx, the entrepreneur wants to bring cryptocurrency payments mainstream and starting with his home country of Cyprus, he wants to give Cyprus based businesses the opportunity to expand their businesses by accepting crypto payments easily.

Some other projects created or co-created by Andrew Anastasiou are StasiCapital, an entrepreneur and start-up mentorship and guidance system that gives advice and legal services, enabling start-ups to get set up quickly and fairly, without having to worry about the legal and tax implications as StasiCapital formats the entire program in a very simple way.

Another project is WealthKingdom. We asked Andrew Anastasiou what the aim of WealthKingdom was and he told us “we wanted a place where entrepreneurs and other likeminded people can come and read stories from others that have gone through what our readers have gone through, and have a safe place to get the information and guidance they need when starting a business, dealing with mental health, or just to get their head around new ideas”.

You can’t expect to do everything on your own. You need good people around you.

When we asked Andrew Anastasiou how he manages to run so many projects and continue to innovate, he told us that “you can’t expect to do everything on your own. You need good people around you.” He went on to tell us that when you try to do something on your own, it can be exciting in the beginning but as the project or product evolves you will lose your focus and that’s where a good team comes in.

Andrew Anastasiou also told us that the team doesn’t need to be employees, and that good Co-Founders and Business Partners are of paramount importance when it comes to think-tanking and brain storming.

We also wanted to come back to the NBNX Incubator. Andrew Anastasiou told us that the overall goal of the NBNX Incubator is to enable young entrepreneurs and innovators a way to fund their ideas and bring them to market, without having to lose hope and stress due to never having the funding available to get their project started, and with over €20M in funding available, the Incubator is certainly something that will be utilized.

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