Andrew Hager Is Saving Drug Addicted People Live A Healthier And Better Life

Life can be a very complicated thing. It gives us so much pleasure and excitement but also takes away our happiness and can be full of struggles. But most of it depends on how we let life treat our situations. While some people never try out bad things and stay away from all the luxury pleasures, a few of them are courageous enough to give it a try and enjoy their life as it’s the last day. 

With this mindset, they forget the life values and went on to become an addict. However, lucky are those people who struggle with addictions and put all the blood and sweat to recover from it. One such person is Andrew Hager. He is a real fighter who has been through a lot of challenges during the lowest phase of his life. Let’s discuss and learn more about his inspiring life story. 

Andrew is born and brought up in the Irish town of Lexington, Kentucky. Although he comes from a family, his early childhood bad habits have drowned him in the deep sea of drugs. And since then, it becomes the most challenging thing in Andrew’s life. He soon became a drug addict and he consistently gets in trouble with his unlawful activities and behavior. Due to this, he got arrested by a team of policemen from Boone County Sheriff. But it was not a common arrest for him. The deputy of the county, Teddy Melton, is a man who believes that this job offers a “golden opportunity” to influence and make other people’s lives better. 

Melton comes from a middle-class family and grew up in Pikeville. In his early childhood, he has been to very challenging times. His father was an alcoholic while one of his brothers became a drug addict. He usually sees the act of domestic violence at the home and because of the frequent visits by police; he decided to become a police officer. His sister, Tabitha, was a fighter who won the fight between her and cancer. However, she later became addicted to painkillers. 

This influenced Melton and since then he decided to help as many people as possible to recover from the drug addiction and follow his duty with much responsibility. His sister died from an overdose of fentanyl in the year 2019. But instead of pitying his sister’s death, he became more wise and conscious about drug addiction and for people who are going through any kind of abuse. 

Melton arrested Andrew many times for violating the city’s traffic rules and for misbehaving with the police personnel. He went to jail but that’s where he started getting better and better. He joins a program called Fayette County Jail that saved his hopeless life. Melton was the only police officer who helped him get away with drug addiction and spark some motivation to live real life. 

Today, Andrew hosts the popular weekly show ‘Andrew Hager Live’ on Facebook. At times, Melton also joins him to share more insights and help as people as possible through it. Hundreds and thousands of people join these live sessions where they share the life of a drug addict and how you can avoid or pull yourself away from it. At times, Andrew also enrolls a few people into drug treatment and helps improve their lives. 

By sharing real stories through these sessions, Andrew is giving more power to people who want to take the first step of breaking up with drugs but couldn’t do it due to lack of motivation. It’s because of a 12 step program; Andrew today became a motivational speaker and a better man than before. He has partnered with Boca Recovery Center to help treat people with drug and alcohol addiction. If you’re someone who is looking for any help in drug addiction or know someone who is, you can directly contact Andrew on Instagram ( @andrewhagerlive )

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