Andrew Hristo’s Voyage From Young Visionary to Accomplished Entrepreneur

What were you doing at 13 years old? Most of us were riding our bicycles, reluctantly waking up and walking to school in the morning, motivated only by the excitement of seeing our friends, and then coming home to eat cereal and play video games. At 13 years old, Andrew Hristo had already founded his own business.

It all started with wanting a dirt bike. His parents refused to get it, and instead of resigning himself to having to wait until he was older to afford it, Andrew set to work finding ways to make the money for his hobby. The South Australian native imported goods from China and sold them for profit on eBay. There were some initial missteps, but this didn’t deter Andrew. In his first year, he made more than $20k, and he was able to purchase that coveted dirt bike.

What followed was a snowball of successful entrepreneurial ventures, all accomplished by Andrew at an incredibly young age. The traditional school and educational system didn’t have the means to cultivate Andrew’s business and leadership mind, though, so his academic performance failed to reflect his potential. In addition to his business-centered mindset, Andrew also had a knack for technology. He combined these talents to dip his toes into the e-commerce and drop-shipping waters.

As his website gained traction and the drop-shipping industry increased in popularity, Andrew realized that there were many people who were in the same position as he was when he started. Navigating the area of social media marketing can be intimidating and challenging, but Andrew had mastered it and he saw value in sharing his knowledge and experience.

He started his own social media marketing agency, specializing in web development, lead generation, and social media management. His clients were doctors, plastic surgeons, and dentists; anyone in an academic field who would like to grow their business, but spends a lot of time focusing on their career.

It’s clear that Andrew thrives when he’s juggling multiple balls. He’s got a lot of energy, and he stays healthy and strong by channeling this energy into productive activities, like fitness and exercise. It was only natural, then, that he’d start his own online personal training business, too. Andrew’s strength lies in being able to take his interests and hobbies, see them from a personal and business perspective, and create a company centered on them while maintaining that initial, personal touch.

To keep up with Andrew’s next move, you can follow him on Instagram at @andrewhristo.

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