Android vs. iOS Development: Which One is Best for Your App

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The market’s need for an Android and IOS developer grows year by year. If you think about what field of development to choose the specialist to invite at the beginning stage of your business, this information will apply to your case.

It is important to know about an annual paycheck for Android and IOS devs, study every pros and con of each platform, positive sides and drawbacks of integrating to a new profession. Additionally, it is wise to consider every possibility concerning your future profession.

Android Development

There’s a myth that iPhones are devices for high-end users, and the Android platform is often being looked down on. However, this false belief is being battled by day. For example, the average price for a Google Pixel phone is worth an iPhone price, and old Apple devices are similar to an average Android when it comes to costs.

Android developers receive perks and boast great productivity, even though the platform is not as popular and seemingly reputable. Nevertheless, Android development presents numerous possibilities for those who seek a job because:

● You can work on any computer and integrate the development into any operating system.

● The Android community includes a big team of well-trained specialists from the US and worldwide.

● You can work with Java while working on mobile and web applications, as well as games.

● Android has a wide range of devices you can program for, be it a smartphone, a smartwatch, smart TV, VR/AR app.

● The dev environment analyzes the code and can reform it into different parts, easy to work with and highly integrable.

● Android has a nice framework where you can find ready-made modules for different purposes.

● You can adapt a platform for a special task and give a part of your task to another developer.

● A core Android code is open-source, where a said company publishes all the output info, and devs can download parts of the code.

● Google Play publishes its apps immediately, usually without the moderator’s help and assistance. So you don’t need much time to get the application approved.

Developing iOS Apps

Some hobbyists tend to think that IOS devs get paid more. In reality, the payments are high only for the best specialists. Professional level doesn’t depend on the platform the developer uses. It only depends on the soft skills level of a specific specialist: their teamwork abilities, strong work ethic, and argumentation. IOS development presents numerous possibilities for those who seek a job because:

● The platform has limited smartphone versions and screen sizes.

● Every OS change is clear as Apple issues development guidelines and explains how to replace code with a modern counterpart.

● There are fewer apps and developers; that’s why there is less competition.

● App Store checks their apps thoroughly; that’s why you will get more money if you make good and credible apps due to less competition.

Pros of Developing Android Apps vs. iOS Apps

Android vs. IOS development significantly differs by market endurance and the number of devs per team. For instance, when developing an app that will work with a specific purpose, Android is a better platform. Even if you cease to get Google Support, the platform will be highly customizable.

Provided that Google disappears from a certain country, payment methods will continue their existence. Because of IOS strict rules, if the platform loses its position in one country, every supported app ceases.

Cons of Developing Android Apps vs. iOS Apps

Android was created and launched long ago; that’s why development nuances have changed several times. For example, devs used to work with specific libraries that used to “live” inside Android OS. Now because these libraries got old-fashioned, devs created new possibilities.

You can find and share old libraries’ examples on StackOverflow, but these new changes may disappoint and puzzle young developers because of a sudden change.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to chase a certain platform. You can study Android and easily switch to IOS without the need to throw away all of the wasted time and effort. Likewise, the basic soft skills you learned with Android can be easily applied to IOS.

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