Ani Energy is Revolutionizing The Future Of Energy Drinks

It is needless to say that influencers are now becoming the face of the entrepreneurial world. From dominating the social media space, these influencers have moved their focus to conquer the world of start-ups and VC investing as well. Ani Energy is just one of the many startups that is influencer-founded.

What Is Ani Energy?

Ani Energy is an energy drink company co-founded by Josh Richards and Bryce Hall. The social media star who has been involved in Triller, Sway, and numerous other companies has taken on a new adventure with his energy drink company.

The star has collaborated with several of his team members from Talent X Entertainment to bring this on the shelves in certain grocery stores. The drink which is known to boost energy and sharpen focus without the inevitable caffeine crash looks to make its mark in the energy drink market.  

Why The Energy Drink Is Gaining So Much Traction

As with other influencer-backed ventures, the energy drink is gaining so much traction due to its appearance in videos seen by millions of people. Believe it or not, The Sway Boys have amassed a 100 million follower reach and massive fan bases who are coming out to stamp their support on the brand.

Why Is Ani Energy The Future of Energy Drinks?

Along with being available in certain grocery stores, Ani Energy also boasts a large online presence. You can easily place an order online or on Amazon and get it delivered right to your doorstep in just days. Unlike the regular drinks which only give you the option to go to a physical store for a stock up, Ani Energy offers you the choice of restocking right from the comfort of your home. 

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