Anihac Pharma – Solution to High-Quality Sports Nutrition and Medicine

Est. in 2019 by Dr. Anuj Choudhary to meet the nutritional needs of sports personnel worldwide, Anihac Pharma is already popular for its quality products.

Sportsperson goes through various exhaustive training to build the skill and strength to compete at the international level. Nutrition plays an essential role in their journey throughout the process. Anihac Pharma is a company that has been established to help sports professionals achieve their dreams of representing their nation at the international level.

Dr. Anuj Choudhary, Director of Anihac Pharma, has started this company as his passion and determination that he possessed for Fitness & Body Building since his childhood. He, too, wanted to compete at the International level in a bodybuilding competition. After chasing his dream and years of training, he met with an accident in college that shattered his dream of representing India at the International level.

After his accident in 2004, Dr. Anuj Choudhary was prohibited from lifting weight. But he shaped his career from being a pharmacist to Ph.D. in sports science, which helped him coach a young sportsperson that had a similar dream to him to represent India at the International level in Bodybuilding. His entrepreneur mindset gave birth to Anihac Pharma to help sportspersons.

Anihac Pharma is a nutritional supplement company that helps contestants worldwide achieve their fitness level required to compete at the international level. High-quality nutritional supplements are the most essential part of a bodybuilder’s journey to success, and Anihac Pharma ensures to deliver it with the highest standard without compromise.

Anihac Pharma, whose largest manufacturing unit is based in Uttrakhand, is ISO 22000:2018 and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified to manufacture, supply, and export dietary and health supplements. The trademark of the company has been registered in USA. Whey protein, weight gainer, maltodextrin, BCAA powder, DHA protein, fat burner, creatine, pre-workout, glucose, testosterone, Amino acids (glutamine), and a multivitamin are some commonly produced product by Anihac Pharma.

In 2019, Anihac Pharma sponsored an event, Mister Model Worldwide 2019, whose grand finale was held at City Park Hotel, Ghevra, New Delhi. It was a large-scale event organized in which contestants from countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, USA, and South Africa participated with great enthusiasm. The event turned out to be a great success, and Anihac Pharma made its mark on the world.

Dr. Anuj Choudhary was thrilled to see the success of this event and also participating and seeing contestant perform on such a large stage and he acting as fitness coach was a special experience for him. Such talented contestants and their enthusiasm were worth all the hard work he has put up to create such an enormous platform for bodybuilders.

Anihac Pharma is a startup that is one of the largest suppliers of nutritional supplements Internationally. It is a company led by a sportsperson who is highly passionate about sports and providing the right quality nutritional supplements at an affordable rate. This vision of its CEO and Director Dr. Anuj Choudhary, and his team has resulted in such a company’s growth in such a short time, and one is only hoping for a better future ahead.

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