Anique Hashmani: The Dependable Programmer

In 2015, When the world was witnessing the rise of crypto in the form of Bitcoin, Ether Leum etc., a young man was building programs to monetise these currencies.

Meet Anique Hashmani, the brains behind the scanner programs for cryptos. A millionaire in his 30s, Anique has carved a space for himselves in the programming world. Working of Web3 and python has made him a glider in the crypto circuits. One of the revered names in the industry, Anique Hashmani is also the owner of Bitasia, which is backed by an undisclosed VC.

His decision to invest in applications he designed for other crypto platforms paid off in the long run. Today his investors look upon him with respect and funds to grow their wealth in crypto currency.
Working on Ethereum platforms and delivering the best programs has been the motto of his professional life.

Currently residing in Saitama, Japan, Anique has a wide spread client base across the globe. His clients from far away places like Morocco, US Canada, Germany, Holland and India, take his consultation thru social media apps like Telegram.
“Do what you do the best, money would follow you”, says this dependable programmer.

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