He is the man with a multi-task specialist like Shopify specialist, Digital Marketing expert, You Tuber, Top-rated seller in many online marketplaces ( Fiverr, Upwork). He is also working towards getting his Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Uttara Engineering College.

As a head Trainer of Niloy It Institute, he is always encouraging his learner and motivates them to reach their goal by telling them his own success stories. Also, he always tries to help the learner outside the class for example: If the learner is facing any problem although it’s quite late in the night even though Mr. Niloy is going to help them. He always tries to help his learner that’s why he is charging very reasonable fees to enroll for the desired course also he charge very few amounts or none for the financially unsustainable learner because he believes that every person should get the opportunity to learn.

Mr. Niloy is also known for providing his step by step guide for his learner whose are struggling to reach their goal. He also set up a practical learning plan which helps the learner to catch up on difficult tasks to complete. Even though if the learner is facing a challenge to complete the task then, Mr. Niloy provides a zoom meeting to support the learner. Also, he provides a support class where the learner can get all the essential support free of charge. Mr. Niloy’s IT institute is a successful institution where the learner can successfully finish their training and they can use that knowledge to build up their carer. After successfully finished this course learners will be able to work in the worldwide digital sector.

Besides that Mr. Niloy is top-rated in many marketplaces and he knows how to support the client and satisfied them by providing the best service. His knowledge, time management, and hard work help him to hold this top-rated position. On top of that, he provides a very reasonable customised price for his client. In addition, He is also related to many social services was his targeted to helping the rural population. Apart from then, he has his YouTube channel where he discussed many valuable points and everybody can get a basic idea about freelancing and the digital world. Especially following that YouTube blog new learner can be very beneficial to set his mind-set through the build-up his career in the IT sector. Finally, Mr. Niloy is also very successful in his personal life as he has such loving parents and a brother who always support him to go further.