Anmol Dhalla and Genzup: Helping Clients Understand Younger Generations

Anmol Dhalla’s accomplishments and abilities are rare in the business world: he is the founder and CEO of Genzup at only nineteen years old, and he understands Generation Z. “It didn’t take long for our clients to find us,” he says, smiling a little. “Generation Z is crucial to a business’s long-term success, yet because they are from the Internet age while so many other generations are not, what they want and why can be a little hard to understand. I use my own perspective as a member of Generation Z plus my marketing skills to bridge the gap between my peers and businesses. It has been a winning combination for many companies.”

Genzup helps clients with marketing, brand development, and innovation strategy. “Our solutions are practical and cost effective,” Anmol states. “We take a company all the way from researching and planning a marketing campaign to executing it and retaining their own clients. The feedback I have gotten about our services is that business leaders feel better prepared to market to a segment of society that is often overlooked yet will become a dominant part of the economy in years to come. Now is the time to begin cultivating relationships with Generation Z, and we can help companies do that.”

Anmol’s road to leading Genzup began when he was only in the fifth grade. “I decided that I wanted to be a freelance website designer. I was definitely ambitious! I won’t tell you what the site name was because it was actually terrible.” He laughs a little, then continues. “But I used that first failure as a lesson, and I learned from it.  That’s what I always do, and it’s meant that I have become a better leader.”

Anmol has had other businesses, including web radio and a successful clothing line. “As any entrepreneur knows, you are going to fall down more than once when you have your own company. If I had given in to those down times, I wouldn’t be where I am today. For example, back in school, I nearly failed math multiple times. I had people telling me left and right that I could never do anything. I refused to listen to them. I learned quickly that your mindset is what determines your success and the path you take in life.” 

Anmol’s path to Genzup began in grade seven. In 2013, he created his own web design agency, known then as 1A4D Studios, and over time it evolved into Genzup. “It’s an organization of the future,” Anmol says. “The Gen Z generation is crucial to the success of businesses and organizations, yet so many people do not understand how they think or what they want. That is what makes my company so different from others: we get that generation and can connect our clients to them.”  

Companies are taking notice of Genzup and are reaching out to the firm more and more. “We have already worked with tech giants, real estate sharks, universities, and governments.” Anmol states. “They value the unique service we provide and the results.”

Marketing is a big part of what Genzup does. “We focus on content marketing, branding, grassroots marketing, and data and analytics. That’s just a sample of what we do. Gen Z is intelligent, but, let’s admit it, has a somewhat short attention span because of the realities of the digital age. That’s why we show our clients how to create materials that can grab a viewer’s attention on social media. That’s becoming increasingly important because of how competitive online marketing is.”

Genzup also specializes in information technology, including web development, web hosting, digital commerce, customer relationship management, and content management systems. “Every good marketing plan will be backed up by a system that supports it and logs the campaign’s resulting data, so this part of what Genzup offers is extremely helpful,” Anmol believes.

One service that clients especially like is their ability to learn more about innovation and strategy. Genzup teaches how to conduct competitive analysis, position a company strategically, and research customers to gain more insights about them. “Anything a client needs to know or do in order to reach the younger generation more effectively, we can help them with.”

Genzup’s valuable services have led to the company growing quickly. “We are definitely in-demand,” Anmol says. “I think we always will be. The Internet has changed everything, and the old ways of marketing, while useful, don’t quite work as well as they used to. Our solutions are agile, which is so important because of the way information flows across the web. When clients work with us, they will know that their marketing plans will not be stagnate and that they will achieve the company’s goals at the right time and the right place.”

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