Annetta Powell Shares 5 Tips to Help Build an Illustrious Career in Real-Estate

Annetta Powell, or as she calls herself, ‘the money magnet’ is a formidable force in the field of real estate. She’s a published author, a well-known speaker, and a Serial Entrepreneur who is known for teaching people how to “Find, Fix, and Flip properties.” In this article, she shares five tips to help build an illustrious career in real estate.

Develop an online presence

In the industry, you’ll often hear people say, – be where your client is – well, today, every potential buyer is living the high digital life. They conduct their personal and professional lives from the convenience of their mobile phones and other devices. So, invest in developing a clutter-breaking and clutter-free website, and create an online presence that’s hard to miss via your social media handles. Provide clarity in what you bring to the table as an entrepreneur and why you are someone they can trust, rely on, and work with.

Develop and bank on partnerships

You can only get so far on your own. Building lasting alliances, partnerships, and collaborations can expedite your growth exponentially. This is especially true in a dynamic industry like real-estate. Building a reliable and powerful network will serve as the anchor to your success as a real estate investor. The secret lies in scaling your business effectively with a strong team and a robust network to help you go the extra mile.

 Adopt a customer-centric approach

 When delving into real estate, it is essential to adopt a customer-centric approach. Rather than focusing on the profit-per transaction, creating a seamless and flawless customer experience is necessary. Rather than spending gargantuan amounts on traditional advertising, a satisfied customer base can propel you towards rapid growth and success. Building a strong rapport with your clients and adding a personal touch is extremely important, especially in today’s day and age.

Hire a coach

It’s a real thing. A real estate coach will give you a sense of grounding and, often, direction. To become a successful real estate investor, it is essential to invest in upgrading your skills, knowledge, and abilities by hiring a coach. The long-term benefits are well worth the effort and cost.

Be reporter-friendly

The real estate landscape is a thriving place of constant news regarding wealth, deals, and strategies. This attracts reporters from all over the place. Make use of them. Give them information that can help you get noticed and create a presence in the market. Keep in mind the legal aspect while divulging information and allow yourself sometime before you truly get the hang of dealing with them.

While COVID-19 may have thrown a wrench in the wheel, the real estate industry is already on the rebound. It is often fruitful to learn from the experts, and in this case, Annetta Powell’s insights will help steer you in the right direction.

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