Announcing a Partnership With Branded Book and Anthony Shnayderman

Anthony Shnayderman is recognized as one of the nightlife’s most prominent event promoters and organizers in the industry. His reach expands across many popular cities from NYC, Miami, LA, Las Vegas, and many others around the world.

This New York native and serial entrepreneur began his promotional work in college. After graduating from college, he set out to solve the problems and disconnects he identified in the entertainment and promotion industries. From launching an app that revolutionized direct owner-to-client luxury rentals, to providing personalized high-end vacation and event planning, his innovations have changed the game.

His multifaceted team has expanded into a network of over 500 hospitality experts. Their successful track record has enabled them to host some of the world’s most prestigious events and clientele, including managing VIP services at the Electric Zoo Festival and Superbowl Events.

Shnayderman recently announced the expansion of his existing thriving ventures as well as a partnership with Branded Book, a New York-based marketing and branding company. After utilizing Branded Book’s niche marketing services and proprietary formulas for his various businesses and ventures, the two companies decided to form a partnership to expand and leverage their networks and reach.

Branded Book is a one-stop-shop marketing agency that specializes in press releases, performance marketing, branding, private labels, and on-demand production. Branded Book, along with Shnayderman’s influence, network, and high-end concierge services, will take business strategy, start-ups, product launches, and event planning to an entirely new level. With their combined expertise, let this partnership help your business get the exposure it needs!

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